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  1. Seem to be working fine with the CAT 8.3 driver thnak alot for your help
  2. i will try that tonight and post back my result thank you
  3. I have the following setup. DFi nF4 Ultra-D Opteron 165 2x1gb Sappphire X1950XT with OMEGA driver (based on cat 7.12) corsair 620W psu. windows XP pro SP3 i have reinstall windows and all the driver yesterday and played BF2 for 3 hours. then shut down the computer. i woke up this morning and start the computer has normal. played BF2 and within 5 min the screen went black and sound continued like normal. then pop up windows telling that VPU recovery has occured. i reboot and same thing happen ... after my clean install of yesterday (before installing the vga driver) i had ghost my computer. i put the gjost back up and installed the last offcial cat 8,5. again same thing happen i took off the video card, put out the coller check for thermal pase, clean it off, and put some new MX2 thermal paste. but hell its still doing the same thing. this does not occured only in BF2. running the artefact scan of ATI tool does the same thing has well has Age of mythologie, and all Source base game ... in fact i have no more idea what to test. does my card seems to be faulty??
  4. Anyone is planning to get the new Battlefield Bad Compagny??? if you do, on what console you will play it and would you like the keyboard mouse support on ps3 if its your platform??
  5. i have a 256mb of ddr333 PC2700 SO-dimm laying around hit me with a PM
  6. the link is pointing me to your biosmedic topic Tmod BTW im downloading that last version of you CD once again a great cd to have at home and work
  7. ebdoradz

    socket a

    just buy any motherbaord base with a 780G chipset, this thing with 2gb of ram and do 1080P with a sempron ... just add a cheap dual core you can get this for a couple buck, mobo are around 80$, 30$ for a 2gb ddr2 kit, 60$ for a cpu ..... use a old HDD and the rest of your stuff laying around ....
  8. ebdoradz


    anyone already tried the 1st UT that came out on a A64 system? i remember a couple yeas (maybe 4 years) ago, my friend who just bought a new A64 Ferrari laptop and I decide to go to a little LAN party at our college. when we got there, they were playing the 1st UT, (1999 i think) and we jump in the fun, at that time i had a XP2600+, with a sucky 9600SE. i was abble to play that game like a charm but my friend with his A64 laptop was playing twice fasat has us, then the game would "pausE" on his laptop. we found that think realy bizarre, its like if the game was "running" in 64bit on a 32 bit OS,.......to slow down the CPU he played in software mode to let the CPU make the graphics ...... it was doing that only on his laptop which was the only A64 system in the room. a few month later i bought my A64 3000+ system and we tried it, same thing happen on our both system ... all other system base on non A64 cpu were running the game fine
  9. got that QX9650 to run to get this score?
  10. did it on 3-4 acer laptop, + couple of HP hard part of that procedure is to find the good driver
  11. make her sleep in the garage a few day and make her clean it she will think twice be4 drinking one of those Pepsi max
  12. all i have asked was a shipping quote for canada, i would have pay the diff .... that what i have asked ... but you havent reply me.... anyway its sold, maybe in future ask a few question or simply reply to ALL pm
  13. i've only own 1 asus video card and it was my last. asus warranty suck, you cannot cahnge the coller without voiding your warranty ... i would go with HIS or sapphire. i have deal with both compagny and both have a great service
  14. hmmm OK i though i was the 1st to contact him i was the 1st one to post in this thread, thing have seems to change .....
  15. i did it before you, and he havent reply me yet dunno if he will ever replied us, he had already post a "Replied pm" after our 2 post and we didnt receive his answer yet
  16. find it out the command : listen in the apache config file was set to whichj is local host only switch it to listen lan ip and its now working for both internet and lan
  17. i have comodo firewall on both PC, with all traffic accepted both way on port 80(up and down) on the server im using the lan ip of the server and its running on port 80
  18. i have a cable connection, 5mbps which is the fastest available in my area ok i forogt to mention that this is for the "building" propose only, we will do an official annoncement to our community for that website in 3 month. for the 5-6 first month we are planing on hosting it on my server and if we get enough traffic then we will get a hosting service. that community want to spend their $ in our province (Qu├ębec) so we need to find an hosting service that is not to expensive in our area or in the province. that complicate thing a bit ... that why for the beggining we wanted to host it on my server since the traffic wouldnt be that heavy
  19. im building a website for a little community organisation, and they asked me if i could also host it, i had laying parts, so build a computer install windows XP and im "trying" to setup easy-php. i can acces the webpage with the http:/localhost, but i cannot acces it from another computer on the LAN neither from the WAN anything i couldnt have think that is screwing up thing? using a LinkSys router, and comodo firewall.
  20. real man hav e alower end PC and a bigger screen, why!?!?!? becuse we usualy watch more porn on the bigger screen then gaming so real test/review would be computer like angry and Praz mention above no need for ther 2x Quad Xeon with 16gb of ram and 2 8800Ultra in SLI if you game in 1024*768 on a 24inch LCD WTH !?&"? almost all reviewers out there are doing marketking for either ati or nvidia, same thing goes to cpu test im just reading hardwarecanucks review, and thats all, ... my 2cent
  21. sound like a new BIG ANGRY SALES, im always curius to see how many good stuff youg ot in your "labs"
  22. at least you find one to fix it, and even have some fun with that Pentium M
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