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  1. Just a few pages back m8:lol: Enter the Matrix There's a few assocated posts after the link i just gave. luck:)
  2. Like i said in the PM a couple of eeks ago, If you look at this review CoolIT Freezone CPU Cooleryou'll see how it fits, it looks similar to a water block. You just need to have room in your case to put the rest.not sure how good it is Air-, Liquid- and Thermo-Electrical Cooling Technologies in One: CoolIT Freezone Review (page 10) Luck:)
  3. I got 1 when i 1st moved to c2d, wnt for a week or so wondering what was wrong with my temps, they were toasting. I ended up RMaing it , sounds ridiculous with a cooler, but replacement worked as it should. All i can think off it was a damaged heatpipe. Believe me i was an expert at mounting & unmounting them:lol: Have not tried my q6600 on airt am quiet interested to see results. Am 18hr prime stable on 1.40v @9x400. [email protected] ain't bad though:nod:
  4. hi m8 how ya doing:nod: not tempted to the dark side yet?? :cool: or just not updated your siggy :eek2:(hastily doing his own:lol:)
  5. Is that the Ultra or the extreme?? I had an ultra a while back b4 i moved to water, Thought they still turned but the old grey cells may be playing tricks:lol: That's pretty cool then in more ways than 1:lol: Got an ultima 90 i wanna try on the abit barebones b4 i try it on water. Luck:)
  6. Have you tried selectively tightening the securing bolts.?? Assuming cores are :- 0 2 1 3 try tightening the bolt a half turn on the corner near the hottest core , i'm on water but use the same principal, got about 4~5C diff now. It'll be interesting to see how it goes 7x500 on air more or less out the box ain't a bad start.
  7. Went retail today just *issed it wasn't me that got the board, have one on pre-orderpre-order Abit iX38 QuadGT Tammy Jwat:lol: still it looks fairly good , apart from what appears to be a non std nb mounting (shades of DFI) & an apparent lack of usb ports.
  8. Yes fair point re gigabyte the DQ6 range, it has been very successsful, have read that that's the main reason that gigabyte were 1st to market by about a week with the x38. wevsspot, your shaowing your age:D, mind you think i was just behind in the queue, as i have similar memories. Seems we save money on cpus these days and have to blow it on mobos. Hvinfg slobbered a bit last night over the maximus, i'm still drawn to the cheaper but similarly specced abit quad, will wait & see the benches
  9. Surfs up on Asus Maximus Formula SE X38 & but Abit IX38 QuadGT is due out next week. Am discounting the dfi offering, expecting it as usual some time after the rest. Last 2 boards have been Asus, commando , which is also ROG:eek: (5/10) & p5k dlxe (9/10) I do feel that quality & support are a bit of a lottery with asus, but as usual, the board looks good. I'm unsure which to get, has anyone else got plans, ideas, or are you holding out till penryn & ddr3 cheers
  10. What brand memory have you, some 667 will overclock further if you slacken timings &/or increase ram voltage. You might also investigate divider options. You might also find the guides in the stickies helpful & also Clunk's Core 2 Duo Basic Overclocking guide for beginners luck:)
  11. with a Go yep. The main isssue with b2 as ststed is heat. more info Quad Core Thread: Overclocking, Cooling, Motherboards, Troubleshooting & General Info & Clunk luck:)
  12. as kingdingeling says more vcore needed. i'm running 9x400 and need 1.525v to be stable (12hr orthos), every chip & rig is different so i'd keep nudging testing & nudge your vcore up a notchg at a time until you find stability (or your temps are to hot:)) luck:)
  13. Most bios now seem to do this my commando vcore for example scales as u oc. Only thing u need to watch is they tend to overuse voltage. on mine if i use auto i can back it of a couple of notches from what auto sets & still have a stable oc.
  14. try removing the battery for 5minutes . issue that caused it may be a number of things.:- memory or cpu stability 1hr isn't much are u using orthos which automatically tests both cores may be gfx drivers, i've not had driver isssues but the 158.19 have run much better for me than earlier ones. what's the 12v amps on your psu?? luck:D
  15. I use both finding like Chump so saving time in filtering out worthwile overclocks. I'll usually run orthos subsequently for at least 8hrs b4 considering it stable.
  16. I'm still trying 2 understand this:- that's why it says in the link can't do much more than that, you want spoon feeding or something:) Or are you just happy moaning
  17. Seems evert1 else can but u r us ure u got the right version or maybe it's a conspiracy by the aimed just at u:rolleyes:
  18. As shown in earlier posts the ability to have 2 stripes is only supported by using matrix raid which is intel based, Also you need an xp installation to create the 2nd stripe. As i proved earlier using 2 x raid0 stripes gives no greater performance than a single raid0. It's just that the hd tools can't mesure performance by pertition. only stripe.
  19. Like praz says on hitachi's to enable sata2. It's also on tmods bios cd. how old is your os install. Try emptying the prefetch folder [url="http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Gaining-Speed-Empty-Prefetch-XP.html"See Prefetch Folder[/url] also check defrag. luck:D
  20. Thanks 4 explanation have already taken the plunge, am interested just in case i get that itch 2 try 680i b4 beerlake comes out:)
  21. politbureau, glad your sorted but must admit to being confused evga are showing 2 models 4 sale on their website. nForce 680i SLI 775 T1 Version in addition 2 the A1 version u have. What's the difference ?? thanks:)
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