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Overclockery Question

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I finally got and built my pc (w00t) and its running well ..... when i first set it up my 2500 barton was at 1100 mhz .... but i incremented the fsb to 166 mhz , i.e what its meant to be; the system posted as a 2500+


so, after i was satisified with my temps, i began to overclock, increment the fsb , 4mhz at at time, i got it up to 200*11; i.e a 3200+

At the moment i get around 45*C temps under full load, so i think i still have a bit of headroom for more overclocking.


now my question is this-- what do i do to overclock the system further, ideally id like to have the fsb at 200mhz because then it is sychrnonous with my corsair XMS3200 RAM, but if i up the multiplier, i will be doing a 100mhz jump each time (i think it only increments in .5s no? )


So how do i go further: will i have to lower the fsb, up the multilplier, and then up the fsb again, or can i just up the multiplier bit by bit


my specs:


A7n8X-Deluxe Rev2.0 bios 1006

Barton 2500 @ 200*11 w/ Aero7+ and Ceramique @ 45*C full load

Radeon 9600PRO (not o/ced yet)

512Mb Dual Channel XMS pc3200 Corsair RAM

120Gb SATA Drive

2 rear Intake fans.

Case temp is around 35*c




Thanks for your help



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i was just wondering. what does flashing bios mean? sorry but i have heard the term and i want to know what exactly it means. thanks

flashing the bios is just updating them like updating a drive though if something goes wrong then its RMA time for the mobo or if your lucky you can try the flash again and make it work i think

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