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    Myspace Suicide

    /yawn http://myspacescam.ytmnd.com/
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    We Need Better Punishments

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
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    What Do I Tell Her

  4. EternityEight

    Stupid Quote Of The Day

    worms cant feel anything. pfft. why the hate? what makes you think your doing it the right way? as long as their enjoying themselves get off their back
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    Kal Is Addicting...

  6. EternityEight

    My First Complete Build

    like someone else said, check the boot options and try things like SATA, RAID or SCSI -- your drive may count as somethign differnt from HDD/IDE
  7. EternityEight

    Would You Support 2 More Sub-MMORPG Forums?

    And if i want to browse gaming in general i have to go through 3 seperate forums, or if i want to search for something i have to search three forums? it takes time to navigate between the different forums, so to split it up is a mistake imo
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    2 Questions About Sockets

    quoted for truth
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    Phase Change

    your a prick
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    Google Gone? dont say i never gave you anything
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    Googles Down dont say i never gave you anything
  12. EternityEight

    Opinion:is Watercooling Really Worth It?

    imo water cooling is a niche for -- like you say -- extreme OC'ing and for the average, or even power user its a bit excessive. an extra 100mhz on your proc from watercooling wont make that much difference. on the other hand we are enthusiasts and pushing the boundaries is what we do, so if thats your bag then watercooling is worth it for you. and the bling factor is always nice For me, i move my pc around alot between university and home and if it was watercooled it would be alot more hassle to move around a watercooled system such that i prefer air cooling. in summary. if you are into extreme overclocking or you just want the pimpin'est rig, and you dont move your pc around alot -- watercooling is the way to go. otherwise, and for most people, air is perfect. ee
  13. EternityEight

    Which Mouse Is Best?

    few things id like to say... 1) if your going to be doing alot of gaming the mx1000 is not the way to go. the resolution is nice but, the things dang heavy and if your picking up your mouse alot it becomes a real drag secondly, when you pick up the mouse from the mat it goes in "sleep" mode (like alot of mouses do, the light becomes dimmer and all that) but it doesnt "wake up" fast enough when you put it down. you wont notice it for most things but if your doing gaming when your moving the mouse around alot its very noticeable and be a real problem 2)with the high end cordless mice; there are no latency issues, theyre just as fast as there wired cousins. the only thing to look out for is the added weight. me, i favour the intelli v3. very hard to find these days (at least in uk) but theyre great. i really like the logitech 51x series too, so out of your options id go for that
  14. EternityEight

    It's Done

    i dont get it