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Im A Tard

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I was overclocking and I pushed my proc to far and so what happens i get the crappy windows cant boot, file missing thing. :blink::withstupid:


Normally i would just format but i have loads of stuff that i need to back up, i tried to repairusing the 6 floppys but im not shure how. :( It wont let me even install another windows although im pretty shure i did it before, please someone help (btw its XP)

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I tried to run the recovery but im not sure how exactly to do it? I entered the dos lookin mode and tried to rebuild the boot sector but it never worked :blink: anyone know too or have any links??


Also how can i back up my data if i cant boot??? :(

btw if i can back up i will format and set two partitiions one for windows and the other for the rest.

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