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  1. Just make sure you backup up any important files before you try this. It very easy to accedentally delete the wrong partition, or misconfigure something.
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-Open-Ear...5182&sr=8-1 Plantronics .audio 370 is what I have. Comfy, good sound quality and the mic works really well. Not the best gaming headphones out there, but definatly the best bang for you buck at >$40 <---Wow, judging by my avatar I haven't posted since last Stanley Cup Championship.
  3. Yes. It should. Do you have a specific example?
  4. Ah, the memories of me and my brother tag-teaming the endurance races of gt2. Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak FTW. I played 3 a good bit also. but not nearly as much as 2. Havent played any since that
  5. Broken into a few cars have we? You might want to consider vark as a potential suspect.
  6. Disabling ActiveX will make it quite a bit more secure. But that will also make it so IE doesnt work on microsoft sites and other sites that require IE. Kindof a catch 22, most of the scripting, and features that IE needs is what makes it insecure. One of the biggest things you can do to make IE secure is to run it from a non-admin account. If your needing IE for a few specific sites, but not frequent web browsing you can have a non-admin account for that. (obviously if you need to use IE frequently this wont work very well)
  7. I'm pretty sure its an early 1960 Maserati, maybe a 3500gt?
  8. Can you connect via other means? e.g. Aim, email client, computer game? Can he connect to the routers web interface( for linksys.) How about if you disable the wireless card and connect via ethernet, can you connect to anything then?
  9. I'm not all that worried about a keyboard. in gaming. Unless you use macro's and crap like that a normal cheap one seems to work well. The mouse however I do see a difference. It needs to be at least 800dps, and have good button feel to make me happy. (I like my razer diamondback.) For racing games. I use a playstation2 controller with a homade adapter. (spent too many long playing gran turismo to try to change my controller now.)
  10. http://www.mini-itx.com/ Theres a good site for info on mini ITX boards
  11. Whats color is the link light on the back of the nic? Most gig-e nics have a multi colored light that changes whether the connection is 100 meg or gig-e. Look in the manual to see if it tells you what color it should be. If the light indicates its only 100 meg it might be a cableing problem. Also you could try plugging in your computer where your ps3 is plugged in a visa-versa and see if the connection speed changes on either of them.
  12. After looking around for a while I cant find any settings that change this. It looks to me your best bet might be to disable the open option that way when they click on a link it just automaticaly saves the file to a place they already know. If you set a default location for downloaded files per the guide HERE. It theoreticaly disables the open option. However thats a per user registry setting, so if you use gpmc to deploy it make sure you put it in user scripts. There might be a GPO setting for this rather than registry editing, Ill have to check tomorrow at work.
  13. This is a guy that thinks snorkle and purple ryhme. Give him a break. Back on topic. Welcome to the club ya dirty hobo.
  14. Dayton Audio makes a pretty sick sub for the price. My roomate has the sub100 in the basement, and it will shake the entire upstairs of the house when you feed it a sub test. Great performance for the price. I would fully recomend it.
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