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  1. A mate of mine was away for about a week and when he came back his comp wouldnt work, as far as he knows there has been no one near it but anyway. I've built a few comps over the years including his and Im stumped as to what the hell is going on, basically it wont boot, not even to the BIOS. I switched the cmos jumper to reset it and also tried booting in safemode. Problem is If I reset the cmos it will get to the BIOS and as soon as I save the BIOS settings and restart it wont boot again, so I then have to reset the CMOS jumper again thus deleting any BIOS changes I made, This makes installing windows an issue, I managed to get it to boot once and tried installing XP but the install got an error at the end (obviously, sigh) and when rebooted I was back to square 1. What is likely to be at issue here?, dodgey power supply (he has a decent coolermaster one around 6 months old, 600w iirc), broke mobo? DFI lanparty NF4, Opteron 146, 4Gb ram etc all typical stuff really. Im not sure how clear the situation is, I have thought about swapping his PSU with one of mine, or maybe even the BIOS battery, but I would like other opinons before I start dismantling my own rigs. Fell free to ask any questions and I'll clarify if need be! Cheers, Neural.
  2. The beep is from the actual hardrive, not the motherboard, as I said I heard it from the drive clearly when I had it in my enclosure, anyways its pretty much a gonner, might try the freezer trick before RMA'ing. Thanks.
  3. Yea I would have tried backing it up, but it dosn't recognise the drive at bootup and obviously windows :/
  4. I booted up my comp like normal and my 200g Maxtor DM9 made 3 rising triple beeps, then a very unhealthy sounding screech noise. I checked the HD in my external enclosure and it still beeped so I know it is definately the drive itself, im kinda guessing it maybe dead which makes me wanna /cry at the stuff I have lost. So has anyone idea what the beeps mean? I have checked maxtors site and see nothing about it, so im kinda clueless at the moment. Thanks.
  5. Im probably gonna get an opty 146 (caybe) myself, they are hitting 2.8 on stock coolers , not bad for a cpu thats like 5 times cheaper than the fx-57 and the same performance. They are selling like theres no tommorow (in UK), I also heard its hard to get them in the US?
  6. I am gonna buy the opty 146, sapphire gto2 and the lanparty Ultra D, with a xp120 and the 120mm akasa ak - 183 fan. Anyways, I have 1x512 of corsair 3200XL and 2x256LL and have read about some issues with the DFI boards with them and also I have a 480w TT butterfly which may also be a problem, just not sure what to do cuase I couldn't afford new ram atm, could probabaly get the 580w Hiper though. What do ya think guys?
  7. I am tring to trubleshoot a comp for a freind and I cant see whats wrong. I think it may be a power cable but becuase he has some noname psu I cant look it up and I dont have a motherboard that uses this 4pin plug (I have seen them and have one on my psu, just my a7n8x dosnt use one) but basically I dont want to cuase any damage to something thats not mine. The one that has the yellow and black wires was plugged in when I looked at the board, but I would guess that maybe the braided one is meant to be used? but also the braided one has no clip like the y/b one? Can anyone tell me what the diff is?
  8. Thanks I'll let ya know what it was when I find out. ok the 6800 works fine in my comp and my 9800 wont work on his
  9. Yeah I thought about that, the first thing I did was reseated and checked all cables, I usually can diagnose easily but this one has me stumped a bit Two things I have in mind are putting the 6800into my comp (last resort) and maybe reseting the cmos battery. I'll see how it goes.
  10. I have a mates comp here that was working fine, my mate lent it to another mate and when he set it up hes getting no signal on the monitor, he and I have tried other monitors and I know the monitors work, but still getting the no signal. So what can ya do to see/test whats wrong? Im not getting any beeps from mobo or anything, only thing I can think of is putting his 6800 into my comp and test it, but I have a 9800 and dont want to start going through all the crap with drivers if I dont have to. So any ideas? cheers
  11. Yeah the mobo is good just not the revision I got its a v1.6 funny thing is its a 1.6 sticker and says 2.0 under it so I guess it just wasnt up to scratch and ths FSB just wont raise without BSODing not matter what voltages or timmings I have running. I wouldnt mid getting a new PSU as long as I can get to sell the stuff I have so it shouldnt be a problem.
  12. Ok I have a 2500+ and a A7N8X and it has never really overclocked becuase of the motherboard (11.5/185) and its now getting old and slow. So I am going to get new stuff soon but I want to clear up a few things. I would get: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (maybe 3500+) Venice 90nm (Socket 939) DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D (Socket 939) OcUK ATI Radeon X800 XT 256MB DDR3 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) and use my current Corsair 3200 (one 512 XL stick and 2x256 LL) and PSU Thermaltake Butterfly 480W. I have read some stuff about corsair 3200 and the Ultra D not getting along, how much water does this hold? Is the PSU ok (20-24pin connection needed?) and how does the PSU connect to the x800xt? by looking at it I think there are two connecters, one looks like a floppy drive power connecter and some other 6 pin one.
  13. Its ok guys, I basically trying to see if you can combine connections but im just gonna use sperate boxes. Just to let you know its just multiple modems on the same line and same ISP, the modems determines the speed, so I will have a 1mb modem and a 2mb modem on seperate boxes. thx guys
  14. Basically I can add multiple modems to my line and was just thinking if it was possible really, the dual WAN card or router seems to really be the only way of doing it and it just load balances so I will just connect them seperately to my various boxen. cheers guys
  15. Is there a way to connect two seperate modems and therefore ethernet cables to one computer and in essence combine two internet connections? I have heard of someone who read about it a few years ago but he couldnt really remember, from what I gather theres a program that cobmbines the two connections to one. So say for example two 512K modems would make a 1Mb.
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