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Installing the Motherboard While Under the Influence......


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Of the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven some 15 feet away can cause you to drool on the motherboard. Use Caution when installing the motherboard, or working inside your case when working under these conditions. :D

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So far, I like the case. The floppy and hard drive cages slide out real easy, making extra room to work in the case if you need it. I slid the hard drive cage out tonight to make installation of the motherboard easier, and to wire the font intake fan. Makes for a ton of extra room.


My only con about this case is when I laid the case on it’s side to install the motherboard a couple of hours ago, I noticed the bottom of the front cover was broken. You can’t see it when it’s standing up, but it’s probably why the bottom of the front cover doesn’t fit well. I can’t imagine what I did to cause that, and since the front cover went back on so it fits loose at the bottom even the first time I had it off, I have to wonder if it was shipped that way, and I just noticed it. From the thickness of the cover, it must have taken more of a bang that I ever gave it to cause that. I’ve been quite gentle with it. I’ll glue it back together, and it will never be visible, but I’ll look more closely at the next case I buy as soon as I take it out of the box. Doesn’t detract from the quality of the case. Price is nice too.


You can see some photos I took of the case in this thread. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...39&page=2&pp=15

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I worked with hardware and modding while drunk before, quite a few times.

The only issue I have is when I'm doing mods.

Hardware is easy, seems easier and faster while I'm drunk too.


The mods though, like bios mods, I tend to forget what I did after I'm sober.

I've did this from 2-3 times allready, everytime I've forgot what and why I made changes...


When you're doing hardware though, and if poeple see you doing it and they know you're drunk, it's funny because they get all amazed that you can still doit perfectly lol.

I'm probably better on hardware whn I'm druk, because I'm a bit more cheerful.

I still b@tch to the hardware, but I'm better mood or something I dn.

Otherwise, normally I'm like" son of a...", "you god d... m.. f.. pos...", "comeon b... get in there.." stuff like that :.


I think the hardware listens lol...

Sometimes though I think it goes nuts just dispite that...

Msot of the time it seems though it works if you yell at it, lmao^^.

Yeah I know, wierd, I dn.

I'm not really serious or anything, but I do b@txh at my hardware, I just expect it listen to me lol.



As for food...

I..., ummm, would just wait to work on stuff, until after eating.

Or just doit while eating, depends...

Like pizza..., yummy, I would'nt work on stuff while eating unless it was modding a bios or something.

In any case I'd rather be watching tv or a movie or something while eating.

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HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA you guys crack me up with this stuff. What about when a beautiful blue eyes, blonde 5'10" is standing infront of you bending over to pick up your video card while you're putting together a system, hmmmmm............. Count me in....... :)

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