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  1. Self Monitering And Reporting Technology.
  2. I'm running 2880, 288x10 at stock Vcore.
  3. Try here. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA Good Luck.
  4. The timings could be identical but the spd's will be different. That's what the bios looks at to set timings.
  5. To answer THuNDA's question, I don't think so. Got mine the first week and it has a heatsink and more importantly no issues. :nod:
  6. Probably be the same, You'd have more luck swapping your psu. It's a circuit timing issue.
  7. I'd remove the reference to the activation crack, it'll lead to a long vacation from the board.
  8. Try here http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com/ and fresh install of Windows also.
  9. Try here. http://www.electronix.com/catalog/product_...products_id/959
  10. Isn't speeding just overclocking your car?
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