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venice 3000+ - temperature very low..


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I just upgraded from a nf3 ultra-d to a nf4 ultra-d, and my temperatures on my venny 3000+ now show 21C idle, and MAX of 32C when prime'ing.


I have it running at 260x9 @ 1.5v in the bios, with an XP-90 and Panaflo 92mm fan. These temps seem really low to anyone else?


I got the temps from both MBM5 and Speedfan, they showed the same thing. I did not reinstall windows (doing that this weekend), so MBM5 is using the same settings I was using for the Nf3, but as far as I know it should be the same..


Are these temps normal? It is cold in my room, Wisconsin in March, but on the NF3 those temps were 12-15C higher

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