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  1. I just flashed to the new beta bios - idle temps show 24-26C, under full prime load 34-35C - this is a venice 3000 at 260x9 @ 1.5v. Seems like it is about 10C under what my NF3 showed at similar settings. edit: sorry for double post
  2. I have an XP-90 on it with a panaflo fan, and no side panel fan - antec p160wf. I have two thermal sensors that came with the case, can put one on the heatsink to check how accurate it is, but have to find the best place to put it I guess. when I first installed the new mobo, it showed 19-22c idle, since its become a bit warmer outside that temp has gone up a few C, but still around 21-24C, seems low. I'll try the new beta bios thats been posted.
  3. I have a venice 3000+ at 1.5v on an Ultra-D. I just bought the Ultra-D a month ago, and it's reporting low 20s as my idle temp for the CPU, which has to be low. On my NF3 it was a good 10-15C higher. I can understand it being a bit lower, but not that low. Sorry I don't have more specifics, but am at work now. It's running the 6/23 bios, is there a better bios to try that might help the temp issue?
  4. Well, I bit the bullet and decided to just start fresh since I could think of nothing else. I reset my CMOS and now my keyboard gets me into the bios and works fine to boot from CD, etc. Guess thats all it needed edit: it also fixed my front USB ports too, they weren't working before now they are .. in love with this motherboard now
  5. That sounds like you just need to enable USB keyboard support in the bios - from my understanding, any keyboard should get you into the bios, but without that enabled you won't be able to do anything with the keyboard until windows (including memtest, etc). I can't do either
  6. I have a g15 and it works great in Windows, but for the life of me I cannot get into the bios or do anything else pre-windows with it. I get no lights on either it or the mouse, so they are not even being initialized until windows boots. I tried the jumpers in both places, and I have USB keyboard and mouse support both "enabled" in the bios, but it just will not work .. am I missing another setting somewhere? edit: this is an nf4 ultra-d, not an expert if it makes a diff
  7. What choice did you make in the poll above? I believe mine is 10-20C low. Motherboard: NF4 Ultra-D Mobo Revision: unknown, but new Mobo BIOS version: 6/23 CPU: Venice 3000+ Idle Temp: 19-22CC Load Temp: 29-32C Cooling: Air (XP90 + panaflo)
  8. Yeah, I have the settings in the bios for USB Keyboard and USB Mouse "enabled" and it doesn't work
  9. I have both of those settings in place, and still nothing.. again, it works fine with my spare ps2 keyboard, so its not the end of the world, but it's just strange to me that it worked with my NF3 and won't with the NF4.. any other ideas? Anyone have a G15 that can get into the bios?
  10. Tried that, it doesn't seem to do anything :confused:
  11. I have a Logitech G15. I can get into the BIOS fine with a ps2 keyboard, and I can turn on the USB support in the bios, etc.. but without the ps2 keyboard I can't get into the bios at all, or do anything before Windows comes up. I tried both the 5v and the 5vsb settings with the jumpers, am I missing something or is it just not possible with a USB keyboard? It worked fine on my NF3 Ultra-D.. Full specs in sig, thanks!
  12. I just upgraded from a nf3 ultra-d to a nf4 ultra-d, and my temperatures on my venny 3000+ now show 21C idle, and MAX of 32C when prime'ing. I have it running at 260x9 @ 1.5v in the bios, with an XP-90 and Panaflo 92mm fan. These temps seem really low to anyone else? I got the temps from both MBM5 and Speedfan, they showed the same thing. I did not reinstall windows (doing that this weekend), so MBM5 is using the same settings I was using for the Nf3, but as far as I know it should be the same.. Are these temps normal? It is cold in my room, Wisconsin in March, but on the NF3 those temps were 12-15C higher
  13. I originally used 1.5 +0.20, it was the same stability as I am having now, but I could not get 270 on that either. Switched to the 0.4 and its still the same. it runs like a champ at 265htt, so maybe I'll just stick it out
  14. I have been following this thread for quite some time now, lots of good info here.. I have a few questions that I have been unable to see though. When you talk about just setting your voltage to +0.4, are you leaving the first voltage setting on the default? I have my board right now at 1.350 + 0.4, should I put that 1.350 back to auto setting? I ask because I am simply unable to get past 265 HTT. I go to 270 and fail prime after an hour or so. 265 primes for 10+ hours with zero issues. Yes, I have put my RAM at 100 divider, auto settings, went through all of that fun stuff, but I have not tried any bios other than 602. I could give 705 or 711 a try I suppose, but will that really help? I could be unlucky with my venice, but I have seen people well over 265 HTT. I do appreciate all of the good info here though, that's for sure. Thanks!
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