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  1. works grate my friend as i have heard although if u get the one with glue or thay compunt to mount the back..be careful taking it off (use a blow dryer to heat it etc) or something allong the lines...or heh just dont take it off
  2. UMM BECAUSE THE SLOTS WILL RUN at 8x NOT 2x READ NIGGA READ note as his card was using 2x..... ROFL
  3. go to a pc store ..throw e a dollar and have em pop in a really nice psu... the reason i suspect for game crashes is 1. ur oc may be stable but its not using all teh power with just cpu/ram. it may have enuff power for those 2 . but wen u game u use much more power i think. since ur loading 1 VGA 2 ram 3 CPU 4 ..sometimes HD. 2. software related isssues.. patch your games and get all latest drivers/bios ETC. 3 overheating..
  4. u can do that.... but enable the sli jumpers maybe? then they should both run 8x which is just as good as 16x ...although ur setup may screw up. if it doesnt work switch it back if neither work ,...take out the x600 and see if its better .if not look into getting it to run 8x and 16x then get the drivers. on amd.com tehy have the dualk core drivers for x64
  5. just mount a little fan on top of the ram. this would be far superior. and anything more=overkill
  6. a very vague statement... all hardware is different.. only way to find out is by trying
  7. well i have a arctic silencer.. which somewhat helps (draws VGA heat out of the case) but what mainly keeps it cool for me is ..... i have an 120mm fan on cpu which also overflows onto the pwmic area.. and mostly. i just did a mod and put a high cfm 120mm fan on the left side of my case which blows cool air all over the place,., results = 31c idle <40 load all u need is a fan over the pwm area and it will drop temps INSANELY...as for u to keep in mind,,, ur temps wouldnt casue instability with the mofsets ..but i prefer 55c max on them (but im not even close)
  8. just because u got a replacement of the same psu doesnt mean its good enough.... ePOwer = crap truth hurts.... but i would definately look in that direction if i was you,.,
  9. sounds like your psu isnt powerful enough.... possibally a hardware defect as well tho ..start troubleshootin :0
  10. oh and btw ...dont worry about ur pc overheating... it doesnt gradually keep exceeding in temp as time goes by...unless ur talkin months ..dust may affet it a tiny bit lol
  11. that is way too high for what u should be getting.... open your case up and get a nice airflow going and reseat your cpu and HSF after a thourall clean with 90%+ isoprohol alcohol. make sure u do it correctly.... also your sensors could just be off alot as well .....onboard sensors are not very accurate at all..... but the ideal temps for me is to not exceed 50c-55c on full load of p95,,, for a venice and sandiego .. 55 being my absolute max.with your setup i would think it would load at like 42 c or so (huge estimate) as my venice 3000+ on stock vcrore at 2.4 would be around there in essence ur cpu should not exceed 45c on stock voltage+stock clocks
  12. voltage is the main killer... its a double whammy. it shortens the life alone and will kill the cpu instantly or very soon if u use improper amounts... for instance wut u mentioned 2V on a 90nm core will almost kill it right away... or within a very very short time and just totally screw it up despite cooling... and voltage also makes temps rise a bunch so therefore u want to stay within safe voltage.. my safe* on a single core 90nm is like 1.55-1.6v and dual core max is liek 1.5V-maybe 1.55 this is also just my preference
  13. u know u have to use 2T i hope u tried this?
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