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  1. In Germany its deep winter *g* Actually its about 24C in my room, as my girlfriend is complaining about 22C beeing to cold *g* I just worried about load/idel difference. I think the IHS affects this pretty much. AS5 has settled and i did really notice a dop of 1-2C in temps thx for answers
  2. Hi With my old Venice 3200+ (stock) i got idle temps around 24-26C and fully loaded something between 32-35C. With 1,512V @ 2,4Ghz Idle went to 28C and fully loaded to 38C My new Venice 3000 on stock gives me 31-32C idle and 37 (fully load test with P95-large inplace FFT`s). Smartguardian says the same as Coretemp does. Thats somewhat strange, because it clocks 200mhz less than my 3200 but gives me more heat @ same Vcore. Only thing i can imagine is that there is worse contact between die and IHS. The 3000 @2.8ghz and 1,554V Idle @ 32C again (so no difference to Stock). Idle is 32C in Smartguardian AND Coretemp. But fully loaded (Small FFTS) I get 53C Smartguardian (peak) and 48C Coretemp (also peak). Thats a really big difference between Idle/load. Is this normal? Also im Wondering whether Smartguardian or Coretemp is more Accurate in my case. Airflow in the Case is good also.
  3. LXXXBXXX L-WEEK-B/A-#Batch Week 628is good for E6600 Week 629/625 is good for 6300/6400 No big difference between the weeks. B usually has lower VID than A and clocks 100mhz better on same Voltage.
  4. Just a comment: Did you know most quad-rail PSU's (or Dual or trtiple) Rail PSU's are actually Single Rail Psus? Because they drain all their power from the same transformator and are often only splitted on the PCB. Sometimes they're even soldered on the Same Points and called "Dual-Rail" Happy Xmas
  5. and FSB? VorderSeitenBus? RAM? Speicher auf den Zufällig zugegriffen wird ? Souns kinda stupid :tooth:
  6. Nice discussion caused by 1simple comment :angel: I dont care about using english words and terms in german language. How would you explain OCing in German ??? Frohe Weihnachten
  7. Arctic Cooling Fan 12 (its actually 120mm but will fit with one hook + a little strap of tape) Does also give me very nice Pwmic temps
  8. Why a 10x Multi as a must? Im having poor ram also and using it on a divider with CPU OC @2,8ghz No problmes @all
  9. Hi Yesterday i was fiddling with my crappy Elitegroup P965T-A Board and Cellshock DDR2-800 CL4 Ram (Micron d9gmh) In the slots 0+2 (orange, nearest to CPU and 1.st of the 2.nd ram block) the board didnt boot at all (because it only gives 1.8v Vdimm by default, but my mem is rated at 2,2v) in the other two slots (purple) it booted and only had 4errors in memtest5. So i decided to rma the board and got a new one with another pcb revision (1.0B, before was 1.0) Plugged the in in the Orange slots and now it works like a charm without any errors and is rockstable. So now one can say, YES Elitegroup is a POS ! But i think changing ram slots is worth a try. Did you also hear that the newer Revisions of the INF feature a modified DIMM section? Has anyone outested a difference in OC capabilities ??
  10. totally agree :tooth: I think everyone should decide himself what he/she wants to do with his pc
  11. Yeah its still tourqouise but on the pics i made you cant see it very well (bad cam, sorry)
  12. Mine E6300 IHS is Convex (middle is higher as the outsides) Had no glass plate to check this, but i spread alcohol on it on it and then slightly touched it with my scythe inf. Its not that much convex. But since ive done this there are some verry verry small notches (is this the right word?) in the middle.(actually not notches but more like small points) Is this a bad thing? Also after reinstalling it i noticed there is a mold on it (you can see where the Cpu is/was) Same thing happend with my AMD64.
  13. CELLSHOCK!!!!!!!! (good German mfg, Micron on 8Layer PCB, Gskill HZ sucks compared to them) AND: They do have the nicest Heatspreaders in the world *g*
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