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Heatsink/fan Combo


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Hey guys

The new rig im building (currently only in my head, but Ill be getting my parts soon :P ) is gonna have a Pentium 4 2.4c overclocked to about 3.0. I'm not sure what heatsink/fan combo to get, but heres the two I was looking at.

This one is the Thermaltake Spark 7+ Xaser edition heatsink/fan combo which comes with a fan that goes up to 6000 rpm, and has switches that you can fit into a front or rear panel to control its speed.

The second choise is Swiftech MCX4000 heatsink with a Vantec Tornado fan which goes up to 4700 rpm I believe. Its less rpm then the Thermaltake, but I think the Swiftech is a much better heatsink.


So please post your opinions or ideas here as to which one you think i should get, or if you have an idea as to another combo that would work better just post it here. Thanks alot guys, peace.

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