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I just got an SLI-D, and when I go to turn it on, there's no picture at all. The monitor light just blinks. I thought it was the RAM I was using (Corsair ValueSelect, I know :rolleyes: ), but when I put in another stick, it still wasn't showing up. Any suggestions?

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Just to add, I've also not gotten any BIOS beeps of any sort.


I've done that. Let me list what all I've done:


Old RAM - Corsair ValueSelect 1GB

Old Mobo - MSI K8t NEO2

Old CPU - AMD 64 3200+ Winchester


New RAM - PNY 256MB (testing RAM)

New Mobo - DFI nF4 SLI-D

New CPU - AMD 64 3500+ Venice


Here are the combos I've done in the past couple of weeks


1. Old RAM + old mobo + old cpu

2. Old RAM + old mobo + new cpu

3. Old RAM + new mobo + old cpu

4. Old RAM + new mobo + new cpu

5. New RAM + new mobo + old cpu

6. New RAM + old mobo + new cpu


None of these test combos have worked. I get no picture or any beeps on all of them. I'm just wondering if perhaps both mobos have burned out in a tiny little spot that allows it to turn on, but no further. I know Corsair isn't reccomended, but the PNY stick should have at least done something. I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out, as I've not had a comp for like 2 months now. Should I just send it back to newegg, and buy a different DFI board? :confused: :( :mad:

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Yep, done that too. I have a Thermaltake 480W, and I tested it with some 430W PSU from another case. Let's just say that I've replaced and tested just about every single component of my computer, old and new, and there is nothing else I can think of doing other than start sending stuff back for new parts.

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