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  1. I'm running the Abit IX38 at 4.6 GHZ @1.55 Vcore and CPU VTT @ 1.8. My temps are are at 55C on the cpu, of course tht's with water by DD. This QX9650 is fun. beats those fun opterons we got from AMD. I don't expect the more recent 45 nanos to do that. From the writeups I've seen, most are happy with 3.6 - 3.8. I just received my new 780i from EVGA. got to set that up wit three way SLI usung my old 7900's plus one I've picked up used.
  2. Thanks for info. It has allowed me to increase core speed from 4.4 GHZ to 4.6 GHz and maintain stability. However my results on 3DMark05 dropped a thousand points from 4.4 ghz to 4.6 ghz. I need to figure this out. I noticed that instability increases with high Vcore at lower OC. I used 10.5 multi with 420 base freq, now it works beautifully.
  3. http://www.photoshack.com/thumbnails.php?a...X96503870X2.jpg http://www.photoshack.com/thumbnails.php?a...2atb4400mhz.jpg
  4. http://photoshack.com/displayimage.php?pos=-12708 I'm running WC and mostly under 50C
  5. Breath-taking speed; totally unsure of stability. Gaming and Benchmarks are fabulous. I saw a 6850 reported as stable on another forum @ 5.7 GHZ. With these OC's; who needs a QX9775? They are reporting 4 GHZ from what I've seen so far.
  6. Try Motherboardpro, that's where I bought the 780.
  7. I just lost my lunch. Intel cuistomer service tech informed me that no warrantee support is given for any item purchased through Ebay. I recently purcghased a QX9650 Boxed retail subject to a 3 year Intel warrantee. I had a problem and contacted Intel cuistomer service to learn this. I informed him it was brand new sealed PIB and he again stated they wouild not provide warrantee service for any intel product purchased through Ebay. WOW! Anyone else had this problem with Intel?
  8. Any one OC the Phenom yet. What good are they? They ought too do Super Pi in great Speed.
  9. I got a third 3870 and a X2 6400+ wit the DFI's 790FX Board. Let's see if I can get 3-way Cf and what it does. I intend to pick up a 9650 Phenom soon when they get out here. I hope the X2 will be just as good with 3.2 GHZ on 2 cores. We'll see, won't we. Anyone OC a Phenom yet.
  10. I'm having a blast. Everything is crap. The board, The memory, The processor. The 9650 crapped out at 3.3 GHZ. The memory is erroring out at 1.8 VDimm. The board Freezes after anywhere from 2 minutes to 30. Can't run memtest, can't load OS, can't Flash BIOS. Phooey! I think I'm going nuts. Two boards I can't get running. The Asus P5E3 more or less shows the problem is the Memory and also probably the Proc. Quess I'll call Intell. I got two Intell procs a few Months ago with problems. Both were DOA so intell replaced them. A 6400 and a 6600. I haven't reached conclusion on this 9650 yet due to board and memory problems. DFI is repairing Board and OCZ is replacing DDR3-1600 kit.
  11. No mention of the SLI connector between two cards, is it?I run two cards BFG and EVGA 7900's with no problem, no Bios flash needed.
  12. Thanks PRAZ; Ordered it. I had read about reducing Vcore. Thanks for reminder. powsmowl; I'll follow on here. Might be fun.
  13. I've ordered a pair of MIS 3870 CF. Hope it's good. I have a QX9650 on the way and looking for the DFI X38 board. Also ordered 64Bit Vista Ultimate OEM. Tiring of XP & ready for DX10. Comments, Suggestions, Hoopla?
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