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  1. I think the RF uses and metal brkt and spacing is off. I have not tried it but thats what others have posted.
  2. The RF has different mount than the RE does.
  3. How about you leave the attitude at the door or you will be left at the door.
  4. Well modding the board voids the warranty.Still hanging at 3leds?
  5. Run memtest from bios run test #5 for 5-10 passes and if good run full test for 4hr+. Stop on any errors and tweak memory settings.
  6. These or the EBpc4000 :http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...CZ%20Technology
  7. PSP please put location in user CP. Thanks
  8. Have you tried it with only one stick of ram in orange slot furthest from the cpu as the newer bios are not likeing your memory.
  9. It sound like you had other hdds hooked up when installing the OS. When installing XP only have the hdds that the OS is going on installed as windows will mess up and install files on other hdds.
  10. What mobo are you using post says one thing ,sig says another.
  11. Have you run memtest? Run test #5 for 5-10 passes and if good run full test for 4hr+ then you can install OS.
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