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  1. I'm presently using a Raid 0 install. I'm beginning to notice a lot of disk errors from one of my Raid partitions. I'd like to do away with my Raid setup and just go back to a normal install. Can I migrate a backup of my Raid install to another Hdd and then pull some magic and use my present install. What I'm looking for is the magic necessary to do this (if at all possible).
  2. Right click in Unallocated portion and use partition wizard .
  3. Well...not partitioned but formatted..partition is an option after formatting.
  4. hmm...the site with the Winamp asio plugin is not working. I'll try and attach it to this post. You should look at Foobar 2000 to play audio files. Simple interface, not as resource intensive as winamp. Does asio and kernel streaming. Btw..you gotta shift output channels by 2 when using the plugin.
  5. You may also want to try sticking it on a sil sata channel if you haven't tried that yet.
  6. Your problem suggests that it could be your Plextor that's a problem. I've seen numerous people trying to use an sata optical and running into problems. See if you can't scrounge up an ide optical.
  7. Yes it does...if your fdd can read it. I had 2 boards..one floppy worked and one didn't.
  8. That's why I gave up on ghost and true image. Image for Dos uses the bios readings for the array and thus no raid drivers are necessary. I think true image does too but the one time I tried it it didn't work so I gave up. Didn't want to have to dick around with something as important as a backup.
  9. huh?...precisely the reason for an image...I can restore my c drive with my Os in less than 5 mins in the event it gets borked. I can do my whole array in less than 15. Sure saves the hours it would normally take to install everything I use. I think its foolish not to have a backup that you can restore from...esp when you try out as much stuff as I do.
  10. Another alternative is Image For Dos at http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/image.html Its a free app that works very well on arrays.
  11. Good to hear you got it working...you may want to look into setting up winamp to use the Asio filter. That way you bypass windows k-mixer (which upsamples everything to 48kz) for bit perfect sound.
  12. Your problem probably stems from the fact that you are trying to run your ram at 250mhz when the rest of your system is set to run at 200 (if everything is on auto). I don't know how you are managing the 250 setting but turn the dram setting back to auto (200 1:1).
  13. Red..the easiest way is to have hdd boot as first device. Then use esc key to select other boot device when necessary. Boot times are a bit faster if bios doesn't have to find fdd or optical drive when booting.
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