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3400+ Clawhammer OC'ing

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Hi there, i've been thru the forums and can't seem to find anything related to my situation so heres my question to u guys.


I got a 3400+ Clawhammer core on a LP NF3 250GB currently running at 2.4Ghz from 2.2Ghz(stock) at 1.55Vcore. 219 HTT, and mem at 1/01. the max my mem goes to is around 230 mhz. At what voltage should i stop at on aircooling ( currently using a Zalman CNPS-7700-cu). i currently get around 30 degrees celcius no load and 39 under load. i have taken it up to 2475mhz stable with 1.65Vcore. and it runs at 45 degrees under load. would hitting 1.7Vcore be going to high for this CPU??


also i noticed that in CPU-Z when stress testing, it reports that the Vcore hits 1.7 sometimes. should i be concerned or is this fluctuation normal??


also what kind of results should i expect from this chip, i heard that this particular chip doesn't OC much.


Thanks for the help



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merry xmas


my 3400 hammer was a terrible clocker...even with the dfi like yours i couldnt go above 2500....1,73 vcore

i had a zalman at the time and was not enough....since its a 130 nm core u can throw more volts...on my caa2c i went 1,82....

get a proper cooling and try to keep the sucka below 55ºc/57ºc at full load....

dont expect much tough.....

yours is it a CO or a CG?


good luck


edit....get rid of the TT psu and get a decent one....i have a rev chromus and a noisetekar....both 2nd hand cheappo stuff....both very solid and accurate in vcore and vdimm....its just a flat line over the occt test

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