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  1. dj marcel woods sensation party 2004 great set.....
  2. i dont have the board with me anymore for that fsb i needed a little bump on fsb and mch voltage
  3. i also did a comparison between XP and VISTA with diferent ram timings
  4. small update while i prepare the comparison between XP and VISTA 498 was the max fsb i was able to squeeze from it.....since its the 2 nd diferent board that stops at this freq i assume i have found the fsb wall from this x6800cpu but 490 1:1 was so easy to achieve you can take this board with your eyes closed been working on it for 4 or 5 days and i didnt do a clear cmos yet...... simple...easy to handle i am bored....lol...... regards
  5. i have at the moment this mushkin kit in tests yesterday i went for some VISTA runs and was able to see nice ram speed test bed X6800 Gigabyte P35 DS4 2x2048 mushkin 6400 twintech 8600 gts lc-power 850w windows VISTA ultimate
  6. Hey guys I just received the Gigabyte DS4 P35 motherboard and i went testing right away I was curious about this new chipsets from intel and especially the new products from gigabyte Already prepared to 1333 cpus and with much more ram dividers it promises very good performance at a reasonable cost… Would it deliver…? For now lets see some generic and bios pics The board prepared to mount the waterblock The bios is very easy…..too easy for my taste:D ……the drawback is that you need to CTRL-F1 every time you want to access advanced options Much more ram divisors allowing more flexibility and giving the chance to run high ram speed with low fsb Concerning voltage options, Gigabyte was very generous offering 2,3 V vcore and 2,9 V vdimm, enough even for the most extreme overclocker The 2nd setback in this bios was the page where you can see the voltages and temperatures…(hardware monitor).instead of a nominal value it only say vcore (ok) or (fail) wich is very little information I also got a pair of thermalright HR-07 to go with my D9 ram 1st impression is very good….all worked out of the box….and i even used my former 965 OS I already have XP and VISTA with a clean install and a set of mushkin 2x2048 to run more tests For now this is what I have Test bed X6800 (cooled by apogee WB & 2 x 240 BIX) Gigabyte DS4 intel P35 2 x 1024 teamgroup 5300 D9GMH (cooled by HR-07) Twintech 8600 gts (158.18 nvidia driver) Lc-power 850w Xp sp2 I know that everybody is waiting for Max fsb on this board but the Max with this cpu was 500 It’s the 2nd board where I get stuck at 500…so I assume it’s the cpu fsb wall I have a 6600 arriving that i know can do 540 fsb no problems On the other hand i went for Max benchable speed/ low cas with my ram using this board and the HR-07 solution And I was pretty happy with it Only a couple of hours running this board and everything comes so easy The board is very easy to tune Excelent voltage options Everything seems so natural
  7. apart from the design....i hate it ....but someone will love and buy it....tons of it but that is beside the point if i want to put some aftermaket solution on the NB i have to replace all the 3 coolers..... or saw the darn thing in pieces voiding my warranty why cant they just put separate coolers for the diferent areas....:confused: this heatpipe thing is driving me crazy
  8. well i managed to build up a complete rig to play some C&C3...lets see how long it takes to sell the parts.....:cool: the stacker is a great case.......but that you all know already.....
  9. lol i was such a noob........:cool: that board was awsome.....i sold it just a couple of months ago.... the street was my overclocking school......almost 2 years ago when i started time really flyes http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9368
  10. Hey guys this is not a review as i dont have the necessary equipment to measure ripple and other technical stuff i am just a common user that grab the multimeter and did some readings under load i confess i was reluctant to buy this psu....but i decided to give it a go as you can see the cables have their own place to be..... the sleeving is good..... everything looks and feels "good quality"...... all for a modest 110€ the plugs look solid and well built the 140 mm fan allows the unit to be silent a few more pics and then some tests test bed Intel celeron 326 Prescott @ 4ghz DFI ICFX 3200 2x1024 cellshock 6400 7600 GS ddr3 cpu cooled by ninja LC-POWER ARKANGEL 850W after installation i went for the lines in bios to see how they were different from my previous psu i was not impressed....as you can imagine then i went to windows and did some tests...still with software readings one thing i noticed right away......the lines wont budge..... the psu is still cold and silent so i got my multimeter for the price this is a good buy a lot of power modular cables stable lines hope you guys enjoy it regards
  11. TANNOY mercury M2 TANNOY 636 thats what i have.... i also like martin audio and electrovoice
  12. still testing 0202 and changing hardware to see if it makes any diference if at least 1 of my windows was alive i would have tryed another one tonight i will give it a try
  13. 1610 in nforce 650i or 680i is 401 fsb....cause in bios appears the real fsb speed and wee need to do some math maybe i explain myself wrong english is not my native language...as you know.... and i assumed that the 1610 was understandable my bad the only issues i have is with ram..... i am gonna try some mushkin elpida chips later on and see if it makes any difference regards
  14. i have do disagree with you travis.... i can see your point....but IMO it doesnt fit in this situation i am testing the board for a shop that sent it to me i am not using phase or any other exotic cooling just plain and simple watercooling with a budget E4300 some nice ram and a 7600 GS... budget rig like i said 400 fsb came easy......100% oc in the cpu the ram tough is a pita....tryed cellshock 6400 and ocz 9200.....not aiming for sky high speeds...no.....just tryed 450 5-4-4-........ speed that i know any of the ram i have will do easy.... not trying to bash asus or something......i did have 5 asus boards in the past 4 months..... its just my opinion based on a couple of days observation the vcore is good...altough a bit strange vdimm is much better than the p5b "vanilla" bios is quite easy to work with and for the price is bang for the buck....... but trashed 3 windows in 4 hours of benching....couldnt raise the ram above 430...thats a fact...... regards
  15. i am not very happy with the mobo last night "melted" 3 windows fsb setting is easy......i just did 1610 and my 4300 was at warp speed in no time after that i went for the ram.......windows borked 3 times never saw anything like this before and i was not messing with timings in windows....only boot from bios tryed the nvidia driver with and without the IDE SW driver even with a conservative config in my ram(cellshock 6400).....500 5-5-5 windows died for the 3 rd time tonight i will try again but i have the feeling that high perfomance/voltage ram has issues with this board my ocz 9200 fail to boot 5 out of 10 times....have to put 1 cellshock....go into bios...set vdimmm higher...etc...etc grumpf
  16. ya time really flyes i still remember playah and shinobi helping me flashing my 1st bios....on a nf2 lanparty board..... almost 2 years......
  17. i really need a new sig this one doesnt reflect my hardware if someone could make me a new one something dark and sinister with STEELBALLZ and LANPARTY SPECS dfi icfx 3200 intel E4300 OCZ 9200 FlexXLC Edition 7600 GS Sonic DDR3 Bequiet Darkpower 600w thnxs
  18. mem controler in semprons is fine i never could run 3 sticks of ram on my nf3 754 the middle slot didnt work well
  19. i had an opteron 148 that reached 60ºc under stock cooler....stock volts...stock everything when i went to AMD support forum asking for help, they erased my posts after the mods told me that if i used a different cooler i voided my warranty...:confused: i prolly should have let the darn chip fried and after that rma the thing by the warranty disclaimer i will loose it even if i pass stock speed by only 1mhz its kind of lamme but its there rules
  20. :confused: :confused: did i talked about SS single 8800 gtx i dont make SS.....
  21. well maybe you can think that everyone that doesnt think like you is just stupid or a kiddie i dissagree when travis talks about the max fsb and tell us the things he does, i can understand very well his point he runs a forum where stability is king and queen and he wants to avoid the tipical "mine is bigger than yours" i understand and accept that...cause this is his forum and things have to be the way he wants it to be.....if i dont like it i can go somewhere else period concerning you calling stupid to overclokers that spend quite some time testing and finding the limit to the machines...using phase or dryce just for the fun....and you tell that is just showing off for kiddies and stupids.....:confused: i dont do much encoding.....but i dont turn to ppl who do and say that encondig is useless or stupid i payed for my rig and i do whatever makes me happy with it i love mi dfi as the next man......cant wait to get my hands on a new lanparty conroe ready.... but 511 of fsb is really scaring me..... i have 2 good chips that can do 4ghz on air or water and 4600 on phase..... just need a good solid board that doesnt need a lot of vmods just to get the vcore i set in bios 511 fsb....for me....is not enough i will buy it anyway...and prolly the dfi 680 i also but i feel sad when i read this kind of comments i have a few OCDB entryes with AMD....i am also a stability man.......but sometimes i like to gather with friends and get my rig to the very limit i can does that make me kiddie or stupid i dont think so not trying to flame or start any confusion around here....i have almost 2 years of "street"...i try to get along with everybody...helping when i can.....but with this kind of comments i feel like a "persona non grata"....cause i am an overclocker and like to cross the line every now and then i lke to run pi 1m and fight for that last ms to beat the next guy.... does that make me a worst person ? some ppl like racing cars....others go phishing or hunting......others like to download movies and encode them.... i like my rig pushed to the limit.... plz dont flame cause thats not my intention...and the ppl who goes by this forum knows that i am not that kind of person sorry travis for the off topic but i had to let it out of my chest merry xmas
  22. lol i am doing a trip over memory lane.... spend the afternon listening to ted nugent,aldo nova, white lion, bon jovi 1st album, outfield..... it has been a nostalgic afternoon
  23. i just hope for more than 514 fsb...thats the max i achieved with p5b vanilla and the deluxe under phase...of course...on a 6600 1:1 but i was able to do 4600 mhz with 1,62 vcore.....i feel that i can go further with a good mobo.....and i have high expectations with this dfi man i am going nuts waiting for the dfi....:cool:
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