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System wont boot on RAM

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I have a LAN PARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR board however I am unable to use 3x 512MB sticks of RAM. The system boots fine with 2x 512MB in DIMM's 2 & 4 however when I add an extra 512MB (3rd stick) to DIMM 1 or 3, the system will not post. I am doing okay right now how ever my server is really running choppy and I can use the extra RAM. This board says it will take upto 4 GB's of PC3200 RAM so I don't know why it is having a problem with just 2GB's. I have tested all RAM and there are no bad pieces of RAM


What do I need to do to get the system to take more RAM? Is a BIOS upgrade needed?




Here are my system specs


AMD 64 3800 X2


nVidia 7800 GTX

1GB (2x512MB) Corsair XMS (PC3200) CMX512 - 3200 - CL2 - 400MHz

2x 120GB Western Digital @ Raid 0

Debian Linux 2.6.11

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ive had the board going with 3 sticks before, the boards dont particularly like corsair RAM though for some reason

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