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  1. ...jumpers mysteriously switched back after I correctly set them. [hangs head in shame/]
  2. Guys - Issue resolved. 100% user error. Sorry for my stupidity.
  3. Update Today I had some time to sit down and mess with the system. Where is what I did. - Remove both SOHW-1693S and replace IDE ribbon with brand new one out of wrapper. - I checked for available firmware updates on my SOHW-1693S - There are no available firmware updates. - I moved the IDE cabe from IDE controller 2 to IDE controller 1. - Rebooted = Same problem - Download this DFI winflash tool. - Installed the latest BIOS update - Reboot = Same problem Now I am going into device manager and removing the Nvidia NForce 4 ATA controllers. Where are these drivers or utilities on DFI's website? If I was going reinstall all NForce 4 drivers that came on my CD, I can't make out which downloads they are on their site. Thanks!
  4. Any suggestions? Which BIOS should I download if since I have never done this before? BIOS Link
  5. I have a Lan Party UT SLI - DR motherboard and everything works great except I had one single optical drive hooked up to IDE 2. Windows XP did not show a D: drive and I checked device manager and everything looked normal except it did not see any optical drives. I thought the Lite-On CD-RW was bad so I purchased 2 new drives from newegg. I bought these. I purchased 2 of them and I set one as master and one as slave. Plugged them up and fired on the system. During the POST process I see the newly added optical drives and I get a message in POST that says something like changes have been made to boot devices and I can press "F1" to continue and then Windows XP SP2 loads up. I then go to my PC and I can see only one drive listed as D: and any disk I put in there, it will not read. I have inserted 5 known working disks and none are recognized by the drive. I now think my board is bad or there's a problem. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I read in MaxPC that some one had the same problem and they said this was a known issue with NF4 boards but I don't know what to do.
  6. Hello, I have a LAN PARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR board however I am unable to use 3x 512MB sticks of RAM. The system boots fine with 2x 512MB in DIMM's 2 & 4 however when I add an extra 512MB (3rd stick) to DIMM 1 or 3, the system will not post. I am doing okay right now how ever my server is really running choppy and I can use the extra RAM. This board says it will take upto 4 GB's of PC3200 RAM so I don't know why it is having a problem with just 2GB's. I have tested all RAM and there are no bad pieces of RAM What do I need to do to get the system to take more RAM? Is a BIOS upgrade needed? Thanks Here are my system specs AMD 64 3800 X2 DFI UT NF4 SLI-DR nVidia 7800 GTX 1GB (2x512MB) Corsair XMS (PC3200) CMX512 - 3200 - CL2 - 400MHz 2x 120GB Western Digital @ Raid 0 Debian Linux 2.6.11
  7. I am wondering if I would have any problems running Corsair XMS (PC3200) DDR RAM for my LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR? For some reason the system will not POST or boot with all 4 sticks of RAM. I have 4x 512MB. It will only boot and work fine with one 512 stick inserted in DIMM2. Can someone please tell me if my RAM will work on this system and also why it wont post? I have tested all 4 pieces of RAM alone in DIMM2 to make sure that there is not a bad stick of RAM. If I try and comb of DIMM's the machine powers on but the monitor will remain in stand-by with a amber light on. Once a single stick is in DIMM2, the system boots up fine. This is my 1st DFI board and I greatly appreciate your info.
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