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  1. Ok this isnt a joke anymore, 2nd time ive had to RMA a dfi board where its randomly died for no reason (1st was a NF2 infinity) and then the server on DFIs main site mysteriously stopped working, now its happend this RMA as well, nomatter if i select to go to their global site, US site or UK site, they realise when an RMA request is clicked on or something and they just think "bloody hell not another one" and block the IP or what? when is dfi going to get some decent servers for their main site? anyway im not happy nor impressed i had this damn thing sincue january and its already died :mad: anyone have an email address i can use instead of hopelessly using their poxy RMA request form?
  2. Ok thought I'd write up a detailed analysis; my SLI-D sufferd a SDS, everything is fine as i tested it in my spare AN8 Fatal1ty SLI, kicker is I JUST got it running smoothly without problems, the thing gets stuck at DRAM detectedVGA detected stages of POST, only thing I havent tried is a new BIOS chip, though I have hotflashed its current BIOS chip, before I RMA and potentially get a board with a substatially worse chipset (mind does 320MHz HTT with no signs of wanting to stop there @ 1:1) who thinks I should nab a new BIOS chip, flash it with a SLI-D BIOS and put it in just on the off-chance its as simple as the BIOS chip has died?
  3. Heh, wassup dude? if i said "Ket" that should give u a hint to who i am
  4. Title explains it all, my SLI-D has sufferd a SDS (sudden death syndrome) it gets stuck at dram detectedvga detected, tested the components in a an8 fatality sli, and the board is most deffinately dead posting here because i cant find RMA services on DFIs main site :confused:
  5. bit late now but, my maxtor DM10 w16mb & NCQ has worked perfectly since ive had it on both a dfi and asus board, had the drive since the beginning of the year too.
  6. upping pci-e frequency increases the available bandwidth across the pci-e bus in theory, generally anything over 110mhz tops will screw things up, small boosts in performance can be noticed, but nothing thats noticable while actually gaming.
  7. G-skill for high FSB no question, got mine at 315MHz DDR630 so far
  8. ive had the board going with 3 sticks before, the boards dont particularly like corsair RAM though for some reason
  9. I would RMA the mobo RAM and CPU, one of thoughs is deffinately faulty, if i had to put my money down on one or the other, id say the mobo. but just rma all 3 to eliminate them, if the problem persists, its pretty safe to assume for some reason the board doesnt like the PSU.
  10. Just something i noticed and it seems a bit odd, my drive is a 250GB Maxtor DiamondMax10 16MB NCQ SATA drive, according to HD tune its running udma5 when it should be running 133, like i said, bit odd, what we think? hd tune quirq? bios bug? windows screwing something up? HDD spec & PDF
  11. hers a good tip for a new owner of this board, for the love of god, keep your marbles safely locked up, thats how much hassle this board can be to get going right, depends on your hardware.
  12. u might of partially corrupted your bios (it happens) to be safe id reflash it from dos putting this on the end /F/QI/CC/Sn/Py
  13. kuniva

    My new Rig

    X2 3800+, 4800+ isnt worth the money, i may as well be wiping my arse with it.
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