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SATA; RAID 0 - nF3 250Gb

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Hello everyone.


I plan to raid my...


80GB Seagate Barracuda SATA 7.2k RPM w/8MB Cache




80GB Western Digital WD800JD SATA 7.2k RPM w/8MB Cache


in RAID 0.


I've heard a few disturbing things about SATA RAID with my board, and nVRAID.


I'm runnin the 10/15 Modified BIOS, and I'm @ 220HTT, 2.2Ghz.


Are the Marvell PHY SATA port's locked, or will my RAID config get corrupted when overclocking.


If so, is there a specific BIOS version that gets them locked?


I ask this because, nVRAID is software RAID, and software RAID well...isn't the best.


So, what do you reccomend?


I'm a noob to RAID and I want it to work the first time around. :)





(BTW my OS is XP Professional SP-2)



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Hey chief, I had problems trying to install WinXp+Sp2 (the single integrated CD). Had to get hold of an older WinXp+Sp1 CD, then upgrade from there on. Pain in the butt!!! Still got there in the end. Oh, and this was using SATA2 drives on the nvidia SATA2 ports, afaik SATA1 should not be a problem.

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I'd be careful trying to RAID0 any drives that weren't the same. I've heard bad things.


That said, any time I run my rig out of Raid0 (i.e. i have to redo my BIOS), once I get the RAID0 driver running again, Windows tends to corrupt all my data since the last time I had it in RAID0. Methinks this is a Windows issue, not an nvraid issue. I'm happy so far with reliability and performance.

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Utilize Sata Ports 3-4 for your Raid 0 Windows Installation, I had boot problems with ports 1-2. Perfectly stable since the switch.


You also need to get identical drives for the Raid configuration. Two WD or two Seagate, even though they both say 7200rpm 8mb cache, they have different read, write, and seek times. 8.5ms for Seagate 80Gb, 8.9ms for WD Caviar 80Gb.

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