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  1. Hey guys, just an update. Problem solved, for the record here is what I had to do (part for my own record, part in case someone else has this prob): > Note: the 'Boot PCI first' feature in the DFI BIOS seems to be broken (at least in 6-23-05 and the newest 3-30-06) < Maybe someone can confirm this? I had to use NVFlash 5.10 (not 5.25 which I think is the newest, it didn't work). I used the BIOS I found on the MVKtech site (Thanks Mack27). I removed my dead card from my comp and put into another sys with an Asus mobo. Changed BIOS on Asus to boot PCI first Got to MS-DOS boot disk with PCI card Ran: A: nvflash -4 -5 -6 XFX6800.ROM BIOS updated My problem before was NVflash 5.25 would not allow me to flash the wrong bios to the wrong board (NVFlash thought my board was a 7800GT :-( ). So I had to roll back to 5.10. The -4, -5, and -6 ignores all card ID mismatches and board mismatch.
  2. Yah I tried booting to the PCI card with it the PCI-E in the top slot, and then later tried with PCI-E in the bottom slot. Do you think I should try a different PCI slot for the vga card? Its in the bottom-most now. Here is the long story: I have a 7800GT in another system. I was having some problems, and the eVGA guys said to update the BIOS. My (now dead) rig is the one with the floppy drive, so I downloaded the eVGA 7800GT BIOS update onto this system. I got distracted from updating the 7800GT, and still had the boot disk in my drive. On my dead system, I rebooted to install some memory I got back from its 2nd RMA (thanks Mushkin :mad: ) and walked away. When the system booted it automatically booted from the boot disk and started the BIOS update (7800GT != 6800GT). By the time I came back and saw what happened, it already said: "Original BIOS cleared" "Storing new BIOS" " . . . . . . . . . . " I said "." and realized it was too late - if I rebooted now the BIOS would still be corrupt. So, this is the situation you find me in. To make matters worse, I have a Zalman heatsink installed on 6800GT, which I've come to find out has voided my double-lifetime warranty ... DOH! Thanks for your help Yek
  3. New problem so I thought I'd try it in a new thread/title: I have a dead PCI-E video card (BIOS needs reflashing) When I remove my PCI-E Gfx card I can boot to DOS/Win using my PCI vga card. With my PCI-E card installed, it hangs with 1 LED (presumably since the 6800GT firmware is crapt). I can't do the reflash because the sys hangs when the PCI-E card is inserted. In the BIOS, I have 'Display Init' set to PCI. But it still hangs. How can I force the BIOS to post using the PCI card, instead of the PCI-E? TIA
  4. yekim

    Attn: XFX 6800GT PCI-E Owners

    New problem: When I remove my PCI-E card I can boot to DOS using my PCI vga card. With my PCI-E card installed, it hangs with 1 LED (presumably since the 6800GT firmware is crapt). I can't do the reflash because the sys hangs when the PCI-E card is inserted. In the BIOS, I have 'Display Init' set to PCI. But it still hangs. How can I force the BIOS to post using the PCI card, instead of the PCI-E? TIA
  5. yekim

    Attn: XFX 6800GT PCI-E Owners

    Thanks for the link, and I've PM'ed Zues. Pretty sure it is Rev 2.1 (if I remember right, I will check later tonight) Will probably give the v2 BIOS a shot, seems like I can't hurt anything at this point -Yek
  6. Hi XFX 6800GT PCI-E owners! I managed to totally waste the firmware on my card (long story). Is there any chance that someone with a matching part number could use NVFlash to copy your original video card BIOS, and email it to me? This way I can reflash the firmware and recover the card. P/N: PV-T45G-UDF3 Willing to make a small Paypal contribution for your time. Thanks, Yek
  7. If you have the patience, try swapping out parts with your other "nearly identical" box until you find the problem :-| ?
  8. Yes, I've tried the orange. The only way I can get it to POST using the orange slots is after a long clear, and I can only get it to boot once. Once I enter the BIOS or Windows and reboot, it no longer POSTs. Going to RMA this ram.
  9. FYI, from the Mushkin forum... CH-UTT chips are having problems to start properly when they don't get enough voltage. DFI NF4 motherboards sets the voltage automatically down to ~2,53V when you're starting your system, which in this case are not sufficient for the Redlines to start operating correctly.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. After a lot of pain, I finally got 623-3 loaded. I've done an 8-hour 'long' clear per ER's method. Unfortunately I am not seeing consistent behavior. At first I was able to get into the BIOS (with one stick in DIMM2) and even boot windows a couple times. As soon as I tried one or both sticks in the yellow slots, no POST. Now, even after a long clear, with one stick in DIMM2, I can't even get into the BIOS. It just hangs on the LanParty splash screen. No amount of time lets it get through to the BIOS. My 'other' stick of Corsair won't boot at all, no matter what. It may just be crap. The Mushkin guys are telling me to load the BIOS and set some specific RAM timings, but now I can't even get to the BIOS. The few times I did get into the BIOS was always with one stick in DIMM2 (orange). Never has it been able to load up in a yellow slot. So, any other thoughts?? Thanks a lot guys Yek
  11. Had a friend with a similar 'artifacts' problem on a laptop. We called Gateway and they told us it was a known issue with the laptop. It turns out the frame was not strong enough and during normal use (carrying to class) the motherboard would actually bend in the case. Moral of the story: Sounds like perhaps its a PCB issue on your video card or *perhaps* motherboard. You should definitely try a new video card, most stores have at least a 10-day return policy (make sure its the same interface (PCI-e)). If you see the same effects, its got to be an issue with your motherboard. Then you can use your new word of the day, RMA.
  12. I've had my Ultra-D running perfectly stable for about 6 months now. Tonight, after shutting down the computer and then turning it back on, I get the 'beeps' that indicate something is wrong with the memory. There are 3 red lights on. I know my mem is supported . I do have active cooling (fan) on the Redlines. Typical questions like "all 4 power supplies are plugged in" were taken care of 6 moths ago Here is what I've tried: Clear BIOS for about 1 hour following the std procedure. Detach all devices except min. needed for boot: mobo, 1 stick of RAM, video card, boot drive, PSU. Tried pulling and replugging DIMMs. Tried swapping modules around. Tried this thread but can't get into BIOS. Put an old stick of 1GB Corsair PC2700 in the orange DIMM2 (did not work at all). Also tried in other DIMMs to no avail. Put a Redline in the orange DIMM2. Once I was able to get it to boot to WinXP, but upon restart the system hung with 4 red LEDs. Now it will post to the LanParty NF4 screen, but either immedietly reboot, or just hang forever. So long and short of it is I can't even get it to boot to the BIOS, no matter what I try with the memory modules. I've spent roughly the last 4 hours on this, so I am pretty sure I am beyond my knowledge area. Before I started flinging around RMAs, I wanted to get some advice. Any ideas? :confused:
  13. I think youre looking for this? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...80&postcount=20
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    Cannot get Win to boot

    Out of curiosity, did you try installing on a single SATA disk? This doesn't sound much like a Windows issue to me. Are you sure you have the raid drives set correctly in the BIOS, *before* trying to load the driver during the WinXP installation?
  15. yekim

    restart problem

    Sorry, is there a question in there, or is this merely a comment? :confused: