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  1. Those are the right drivers, but have you got two drives setup in a Raid config? Your sig only lists one HDD. Chipset and temp is fine, peeps on this site seem to favour the Evercool fan as a replacement, nice fast n quiet fan.
  2. Hey ho, So getting back to the question, has anyone made a case, maybe in the past, with mobo mounted fans only? The servers were blases and Compaq DL380. Multi CPU, banks of RAM and half a dozen SCSI drives. How do they manage to keep cool enough with maybe 4-5 80mm fans on the mobo only? These didnt have any external fans at all, cases were completly fanless, just powere switches and the HDD's. Surely the heat off that lot cant be cooled enough by just those fans? Im curious if it is worth pursuing, maight check ebay for a send hand one!
  3. Howdy ho gang, Just been thinkin bout me fans, I have all the case fans blowing out of the case. Noticed some blades servers at work all have the fans inside the case and no external fans, believe this is to eliminate any dust inside the box, kind of keeps it pressurised. Anyone tried this on a home pc? Just curious if its able to keep the temps down enough. Thanx!
  4. ....and you may find this useful too.... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22072
  5. Sheesh, some people are never happy! Everybody already advised going for a $7 fan, sounds cheaper than going to dfi! Also the part is not defective! Where in the manual or website does it say noisy fan=defective product? The fan still functions (as you say your temps are fine). So it makes some noise, replace it! Otherwise put up and shut up!
  6. Another consideration....the Antec has a Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) of 80,000 hours, OCZ comes with a massive 140,000 hours. No wonder they have a 5 year warranty!!
  7. Yup, great support, that's why I went for my system. A product is useless without proper support, but this site has solved any probs I've had and given heaps of ideas and spurred my inspiration! So I second TexasReb's thanx!
  8. iHola! First check this link for the spec a PSU should have: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 What 8pin connector do you mean?
  9. Hmm....you never did a search, or you would see the Evercool Twinkling VGA fan is ideal!
  10. Did you follow Jesse's advice and disable the nvidia firewall?
  11. Hey ho, a system like that should be flying!! Skip the x2 or cool'n'quiet crap. Whar bios u got? What settings ya using in the bios? I think a few tweaks there will improve things! Also what nvidia drivers ya using?
  12. Evercool twinkling VGA fan is easy enough to fit and quiet enough. Have a search to see how its fitted....
  13. 32bit WinXp can only display 3GB. 64bit WinXp will display all available RAM but it is really not worth it at the mo. Better to wait for increased driver/software support.
  14. Yup, undoubtedly. Seems to be giving you delusional hallucinations too!!!!
  15. Err, um, yeah it's an (clears throat) evaluation copy. Yep, that's right I'm just, er, evaluating it!! Try Ontrack EasyRecovery or GetDataBack they should cope with the bad sectors without lock ups. Of course you can easily be looking at 24hrs to recover, dependant on the size of disks and if there a Raid set or not.
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