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  1. learners permit

    Cant get stable stock opperation.

    Get a real PSU and make sure you have the floppy disk drive power connector that feeds the memory voltage connected at the lower left corner of the memory slots.
  2. learners permit

    Theory behind under-volting?

    I think it's a bad idea considering ohms law.
  3. learners permit

    This is great

    What are we to do guess at your timings voltages etc?
  4. learners permit

    Opty 165 kills my ram timings

    Google A64 info and post a screenshot.
  5. learners permit

    Marvel Teaming...

    Not sure yet but I hope it really works when all issues are sorted out.
  6. learners permit

    FS: Opteron 165 ccb1e 0609 fpmw and MX1000

  7. learners permit

    2475mhz STABLE, hitman freezes...reset no POST.

    Reset cmos using jumper and reenter all you settings again.
  8. learners permit

    Troubleshooting RAM

    http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/dd37248ace.jpg This is on a water cooled system with 4X80mm and 2X120mm cooling fans at relatively high speed. Ram drive strength is 4.
  9. learners permit

    pc turning its self on

    Raju's solution worked for me as well although the spook thing had me wonderin.
  10. learners permit

    To Watercool or not to Watercool?

    My 4000 Newark runs 276X11=3036 1:1 on the NF4 infinity. I've never seen a Venice exceed that water cooled.
  11. It's the divider your using causing memory timing issues. Rework the numbers with a lower HTT and less mem speed division.
  12. learners permit

    To Watercool or not to Watercool?

    Go water and never look back.
  13. learners permit

    4 x 512 OCZ Plat Rev 2

    Yes I'm very interested in this avenue myself. FX-57 [email protected],2,2,5? :nod:
  14. learners permit

    CFX3200 Boot Issue?

    There is an option to disable that function in bios.
  15. Very nice clocks guys. This ccbwe just cant get near there. Those things are clockin just like my sckt 754 Newark mobile does but in dual channel. What a sweet core that thing must be to have. I'll hunt one down if the deal I'm workin for a FX-57 falls thru.