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  1. IDK, just a combination of lack of vDimm and a fudged an alpha timing.
  2. Build guide checks out fine for my rig. This isn't my first built computer either. It's been on, in windows for about 6 hrs. Did all my updates, installed my programs, and I've been running WCG (World Community Grid, similar to [email protected]). It's quite stable. Thats the weird thing. Stable as a rock in windows, but the BIOS is so quirky at times it's nuts.
  3. Oh, and since my sig didnt show up in that post.. siggage
  4. OK So I throw together the rig today. All goes well. I have one issue that remains. First of all, the rig half the time takes at least 3-4 tries to even GET into the BIOS. I press the delete key at post and instead of going into the BIOS utility, I get a blinking cursor at top left of screen. :drool: Once I get in, I try a nice simple 250x10 @ stock CPU volt, ram @ 667 Divider, 2.3v. HTT Mutli @ 3x, just to be safe. No post. OK *deep breaths.* Hold insert to boot again, realize it clears CMOS instead of reverting back to stock settings like most boards. What the hell? Anyway. To make sure it's not my hardware, I go into the BIOS, leave everything at stock frequencies but drop the HTT mutli back down to 3x. Up the ram volt to 2.3v, etc. Boot up into windows, fire up good o'le clockgen. 250x10, easy as pie. Run with that for a few hrs while WCG is running. A-OK. Try again in bios. BEEEEEEP. BEEEEEEEP. I'm running the newest BIOS (August something), 2006. System spec.. 3800+ X2 DFI Board 1x1GB G.Skill (Micron D9 Chips, forgot model # of RAM) X800 Non-pro (1950XTX @ XMAS) Tagan 2Force 480w-u22-SLI PSU Stock cooling on the CPU, but according to core temps the temps are just fine. I'd be running my water but tube&am2 hold down are coming monday because of failure UPS ground. Anyway, can anyone shine some light on the situation? I'm going to go nuts lol. Thanks Nick
  5. Lookin good man . Are you going to modify the side panel for the side fan that comes with the Li Li's?
  6. Are you serious? That's not cool... at all... Well thanks for the fast response. Also, I find it hard to believe there is no perf. impact. Even true 16x SLi boards have better performance than dual 8x's do, even if it's just a little.. that little can matter. Nick
  7. Hey guys. I'm using at the moment, a nF4-SLi Infinity. Temporarily, I'm using it with a 6600LE (don't ask.) It's been great so far, but today I noticed that in CPU-Z, it detects the PCI-E as 8x and says MAX is 16x.. meaning the board is in SLi mode? Well since there are no physical jumpers/switches that I could find, and in the BIOS i saw one thing about SLi and I think it was disabled. I'm using the top most PCI-E slot. I'm running the newest BIOS, dated 2006/04/10. I want to get my PCI-E slot working at proper speed before my X1800XT gets back, or this boards goin south... sadly. Oh yeah, Driver wise, I'm using the nForce 4 6.70's, and the Forceware 91.31's.. and in the forceware drivers it also says my bus is 8x. And to clear it up ahead of time, my PSU is fine. It's powered this setup for ages, with my MSI K8N Neo4 Plat... sadly that's out for RMA because of my stupidity (DMM mishap). I also have tested and retested my RAILS on my PSU over and over (with my DMM) and they're all above spec.. 12v is @ 12.35v idle, 12.10v load (w/X1800XT), etc. Thanks, Nick
  8. The Golden Orb 2 is much better than the stock AMD heatsink. Almost anything is. If you're bored, go for it Nick
  9. I doubt your Powerstream is the problem, it's a GREAT PSU. Is it the SLi version? Nick
  10. Starting to sound more like that PSU your using more than anything... Hipro really isn't that good. Just had a 300w'er die on me about 2 weeks ago powering a mere AXP 2000+ system. Nick
  11. My old Lanparty nF3 250GB was notorious for that. EVERY time I'd pull my XP-90 out it'd come with it... so naturally I started doing the following. Unclipping the XP-90 all the way around, putting one of my hands on the case as a brace while leaning on it, and death-gripping the XP-90 with the other. Then with a quick jolt of strength I'd literally rip the HS/F STRAIGHT up. Never bent a pin that way, never damaged the board either. Did it 2-3 times Nick
  12. Yeah me neither.. it's very weird. Nothing really could happen!?
  13. Revival of the "dead thread." Any new news? Just got the Infinity nF4 SLi . Great board so far, rockin my naked 3200+ @ 2.7GHz, 1.575v under my modified XP-90. According to nVidia nTune, it's 31*C under a few minutes of load ([email protected]). I don't think that's accurate but at least it doesn't bounce around like a superball like in SmartGuardian. Anyway, just wondering if this has been resolved. Nick
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