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Logitech MX3100 and NF4 SLI-DR ?!?!?

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Anyone else tried the combination of those ? :confused:


Few days ago I bought Logitech MX3100 cordless desktop (MX700 kbd and MX1000 mse), and from that time I have funny problems.

Some of them:


- Restarts and BSODs when I press mouse button (any) :eek2:

- Keyboards repeat itself after few seconds. Looks like that: In wordpad I press a key, the char appears and then after few seconds 1 or 2 more of that same letters appear at the screen :confused:

- Randomly device manager shows that there are 5 unknown HID compliant devices.

- Randomly comp wont start untill I unplug keyboard and mouse.


Few more quirks but thats enough to get the point :(


Tried with/without Logitech drivers, tried all USB ports, tried PS/2, few BIOSes and the same continues...


Other USB devices works like charm at all USB ports.


The best part is that Keyboard and Mouse works perfectly on 2 other comps in the house :confused: :confused:

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I use the laser mouse. But use an older wireless keyboard from logitech. I do not have problems. But, what I think is happening is to do with acceleration. Why don't you uninstall both the mouse and keyboard. Reboot and reinstall the drivers? Use the drivers from Logitech Website if they are newer verison.

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