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  1. Floppyless RAID Driver Installation.....How do I do it? Last time I did it, I had a floppy drive but, that thing is not working anymore and I am too lazy to buy one as it has no usage otherwise for me. Please suggest.. here is the config: 2x Raptors in RAID0 and a Hitachi SATA with 2 partitions holding data and other stuff. So, when I re-format RAID0 drive and re-install windows, do I: 1. re-install RAID0 drivers again? 2. re-format/re-partition Hitachi SATA too? I am not quite sure if I need to re-format and re=partition the E-drive, i.e., Hitachi SATA. - Rex
  2. Hello All, Where to connect FrontX LEDs to the Mobo? Is it the J18 header under diag LEDs where it is marked as DEBUG? Please help. Thanks, Rex
  3. I have a PC Power and coolling 510 SLI PSU. It has a 4 Pin connector. How do i connect that to the 8 pin connector? xx xx xx xx Shall I put in such that it goes in like YB YB xx xx Y= Yellow, B = Black Please help. Thanks, Rex
  4. I have to build another computer for a friend. So I need guidance with stock memory timings for OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K & NF4 SLI-DR Expert. Can someone guide me to the right link with correct timings? I have looked around and found a few OCDB entries but, will appreciate some stable timings for stock. Guidance appreciated. Thanks, Rex
  5. One and a half year old stcks. Can they be RMA's? I never did before. So, I wonder. - Rex
  6. My memory sticks died. 1 gazilllion errors in memtest. I need new sticks. Can you tell me what will be a good pair of sticks that are available in the market today to go w/ my setup in the signature? DDR is really old. Do I need to/Should I/Can I go DDR2 as DDR is so scarce? Appreciate your suggestions, thoughts and inputs. - Rex
  7. I had 6600GTs in SLi before and used to have the ambient temperature reading. I just upgraded to 7800GTs in SLi. No problem whatsoever but I don't get any ambient temperature reading on the MBM dashborad. I did not change any settings as it picked up GPU temps, core and SLi Clock data. Does anyone know the solution to this? I am not using the rivatuner to display this. However, I do have Rivatuner installed. Some guidance will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Rex
  8. just ordered 2x 7800GTs (517s) will update on temps. I ordered an arctic cooler and will see if that fits on the top card. That will reduce the ambient temp a lot
  9. Hey soloz thanks a bunch. I have SLI-DR (not Expert) so I don't have expert layout. But, I do have 4 power connections in the mobo. there is a mini-drive power connector between the cpu and the cards. Do I still need that connector plugged in if I upgrade to 7800GTs? Thanks, Rex
  10. I believe you have only 1 card even though you have an SLi mobo and that's why you have low temps. I have same setup of cards as UncleDavid218 has. My top card temp does hit 70c+ time to time after heavy gaming. I want to see if using arctic cooler for that card helps. With single card I never hit over 48c no matter what I do. Bottom card in SLi config runs at 50c under full load while top card gets upto 65c+. - Rex
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