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  1. Just picked up the new OCZ 600W SLi and it has the connector. Sexy PSU
  2. Ireland: www.komplett.ie www.peats.ie (High St store also) www.hitide.ie (watercooling) www.computerbits.ie www.pc-memory-upgrade.co.uk (All memory & OCZ Power supplies/accessories) If I think of more I'll update this list
  3. Bah, my new 4400+ has one really bad core and one really good one Can only get to 2.5Ghz stable with 1.49v However it seems like it can run DDR625 happily (312x8)
  4. The newer DFI nF4 SLI-DR Expert board has a wider gap between the two PCI-E x16 slots. But that's not out til the end of Sept. 1/2" Blocks: Lunaforce in Italy make a 1/2" native chipset block for the DFI nF4. Also found this block. Swedish page though! I think he custom makes them.
  5. I seem to be having this very same problem too! Have gone back to stock speeds on CPU and RAM with no change either.
  6. Some time ago with old memory (Corsair 4400C25) Haven't benched this new stuff yet as I've been too busy 3dMark05: 10,579 Not bad Found a screenie of earlier that night (using XtremeG drivers): 10,495 [bimg]http://members.boards.ie/wizzard/10495_2.JPG[/bimg] That 6Mhz OC was the most stable I could get with that old RAM for any length of time!
  7. Hmm, I never thought of it like that actually... I learn something new every day. Thanks A_G :eek2::eek::eek2:
  8. ok I'll rephrase that! Are they, in general, better/worse/similar to the Venice/San Diego or Winchester cores of the current crop of Athlon64 chips? And in particular handling memory at high (~300) FSB speeds.
  9. Angry, any idea what the memory controllers are like on the X2's?
  10. Just buy OCZ RAM. I have horrible problems with that same RAM and ended up with Corsair saying 2T or nothing to me - BTW @ 2T it may be stable in Windows. So I bought OCZ PC5000 EL and am now as happy as I've ever been with this board/RAM combo. Although touchinfinity seems to have had luck with his new RMA'd RAM. See here
  11. Bugger! That could be why I'm not prime 24hr stable. Bloody Venice, I'll have to look out for an old FX55. Are there any of the newer Rev E's that may be any good with this RAM? What about the FX57 and FX55 SD?? Thanks for the info Andy
  12. If I had the skills I'd make my own... But I don't ....
  13. Have SLI. 2x XFX 6800GT Scores in 3dMark05: single card: ~5807 SLI: 10,579 So that puts that to sleep. BTW, both scores are OC'd. That was with old, Corsair RAM. Haven't tried with new OCZ rocket stuff yet
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