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  1. That vendor is NewEgg's alter-ego. They are one and the same.
  2. I mean, if you can find a pic on the net, I'll look to see if I have that particular plate. I don't know where all these that I have came from.
  3. Do you have a pic of it? I think I still have mine (along with a dozen others, so it's hard to identify).
  4. If you decide to part it, I will consider the 3800x2.
  5. Looks like all the stuff I have is PC100 (4x64 and 1x32mb) and a PC133 256mb. IDK if any of that would be useful. PC2100 is DDR isn't it? I think these are too old- definitely not compatable.
  6. Infinity


    I'd prefer an eVGA, but any will do. I just want to add to my existing GS in my secondary rig for SLI and a bit more longevity. If you want trades, LMK what you want (I have a LOT of accessories and secondary hardware as extras). I do have references here and at OC, as well as ebay and some car audio boards, so fear not.
  7. I have some that I'll part with for cost of shipping. Let me dig it out and see exactly what I have, and I'll post back. It was some stuff collected from junked machines, and I cannot guarantee it works (I have no reason to believe it doesn't). Seems like they were mostly 128mb sticks. I'll get details in the morning when I get home from work.
  8. Travis has all messaging/e-mail blocked. If I keep this near the top, he'll se it eventually.
  9. I'm really worried about the barbs/spacing between the cards. Search found me a couple of threads that mention special or modified fittings, but I cannot find any more info than that. I really want to "refresh" this rig and make it hold out for another 9-12 months, then go apeshit on a new one. Awaiting e-mail from DD, EK, and PM from CPU Killer now. BTW, Duckie, thanks for that bit of info.
  10. Has anyone used any full coverage VGA blocks in SLI on the old-school DR? If so, which ones? I'm looking at the DD Koosah's or EK's blocks for my 7800GT's, and I'm not sure if they will fit with the narrow spacing on my board. I just need a bit of reassurance.
  11. The SPD tables are set slightly loose to guarantee a POST. Then, you can set their recommended timings in your BIOS. I've also heard of Corsair and OCZ doing this.
  12. Oh, yeah. It makes sense now. I could only rememebr 2 good Corsair threads, both mine and Orion's, both stating that the stuff does work. BUT, it did take a bit of tweaking- as does nearly ALL RAM on this board. That's just the Diamond Flower way of doing things. If you don't wanna play with it, you should buy an ASUS.
  13. IDK which user that was directed at, but I always stated that the XMS440025 worked great. That's even the ones Angry tested for his thread. I ran them daily at 317, but my CPU hated it. It's a shame I sold them when I bought my Opteron, it would've been nice to see how high 4x512 could've gone on a daily basis.
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