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  1. There is whole config in my sig down there. Anyway, the problems started from some time ago, comp was perfect for some months but suddenly it began restarting. After restarts more often than not Raid set cant be found so I have to turn off power wait few mins and then on again. I thought of RAM but thats not a problem (changed 5 types of RAM). Changed few BIOSes, put comp on stock speeds (was on 3 GHz until recently) and still no go. Yesterday it started showing what I think is real problem. "Unmountable Boot Device" message started to appear sometimes on Windows boot sequence. So, I took IDE HDD installed Windows on it and it seems comp has no problems, but if I hook Raptors then I get "Unmountable Boot Device" blue screen each 2nd restart. Is there any known problem with Raptors and NF4, and is there solution to that ? Dont want to sacrifice light speed of those drives just cause of some darn incompatibility.
  2. Anyone else tried the combination of those ? :confused: Few days ago I bought Logitech MX3100 cordless desktop (MX700 kbd and MX1000 mse), and from that time I have funny problems. Some of them: - Restarts and BSODs when I press mouse button (any) :eek2: - Keyboards repeat itself after few seconds. Looks like that: In wordpad I press a key, the char appears and then after few seconds 1 or 2 more of that same letters appear at the screen :confused: - Randomly device manager shows that there are 5 unknown HID compliant devices. - Randomly comp wont start untill I unplug keyboard and mouse. Few more quirks but thats enough to get the point Tried with/without Logitech drivers, tried all USB ports, tried PS/2, few BIOSes and the same continues... Other USB devices works like charm at all USB ports. The best part is that Keyboard and Mouse works perfectly on 2 other comps in the house :confused: :confused:
  3. Yes That is 'no go'. Wait for another 120GB Samsung for Raid. You can use some software Raid programs but that will make you more headache than you need.
  4. You are already running it on RAID controller. Cluster size depends on what you want to acomplish, but something optimal for one drive is 4K.
  5. 623-1, haven't tried 704-2BT yet. Had mayor problems with all 510-xxx BIOSes (L2 cache not working or full of errors).
  6. You can't be more right than that ! Took me 1 and a half month to make mine work like I wanted. First took me 2 weeks to marginally realise what is holding me. Than I got each and every BIOS that can be flashed on the board, and finally settled with 623-1. 623-1 working great with SanDiego and 2x512 Corsair4400C25 (in my sig). Can boot with 350 1:1 and do some benches but still not stable (will see bout that )
  7. As said, install nVraid drivers, before that set Raid in BIOS and use Norton Ghost 9 from within Windows. Don't try from DOS cause you might destroy Boot and MBR (and thats hell of a pain to repair).
  8. When the board boot up in safe mode, eg. all params set to be sure for boot, CPU voltage is 1.75. In fact that is happening each time you hold INS while booting. And don't worry, my board boots with 1.78V :nod: not dependent on BIOS and thats happening with official and with betas.
  9. Err... sorry my bad I thought about safe mode in Windows. If you can enter it then you can uninstall drivers and see what is making your problem.
  10. CPU Voltage ? Tried reinstalling Win ? And can you get into the safe mode at least ?
  11. Test memory with MemTest86. That is symptomatic for bad tuned BIOS.
  12. Something that I can guess from your posts :eek2: You were with 4V jumper when you flashed BIOS from within Windows ?? :confused: :confused: Man, you did a suicide from an ambush and gunned yourself down with a second shot
  13. Think that your BIOS is KIA and that RMA is one of the options. The other is to find someone that can reflash it. And why do you people still flash BIOS in Windows ??? All of the manufacturers suggest flashing from DOS and they pretty well know why
  14. Well you could say that earlier. Thats the one that is almost 100% responsible for your problems. Other two are not needed for start but that one is mandatory.
  15. Well you want get much luck with DFI & Defaults combo :nod: DFI is not made for defaults. It took me about a week to make a stable rig and I've had NEVER started Windows at default BIOS settings. So, if you want default settings try ASUS, maybe MSI NEO2 Platinum (nice board if not DOA ).
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