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Low AM3 score?

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supposedly its a bfg it comes at 460/1300... what is yours at, and how do you check?




8190 in 3DMark05, 98fps in Doom3 timedemo1 16x12 ultra (unless timedemo uses standardized options)


google "coolbits.reg"

download it and double click it into the registry. go into your 7800 and look for Clock Frequency.


i got 91,200 in AM3




oc your cpu some more and you should hit high 80's.... but my 7800 doesnt overclock at ALL. i got about the same in 3dMark05, 81xx.

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i just ran last nite

11x250 @2.5-3-2-8

7800gtx stock (450/1200)

2 gigs


score 92,955


i'll run it again later and note the cpu/gfx difference but you cpu clock is low i think.


what is your quality set to in the control panel? i run mine at "quality" i think. maybe yours is on "high"?

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i got coolbits and it says:

Core Clock Frequency: 275mhz

Memory Clock Frequency: 1.3ghz


am i missing something, i thought it was 460/1300!


EDIT this might be where the sliders are or something maybe, can i check what it is currently running at anywhere?

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well were you on stock, blink?

rise, im running 9x250... you think that might be the reason for the difference?



not all of it because your cpu score isn't that low.


that clock speed you're looking at in coolbits is probably the 2d


look under performance and quality. in the middle of the control panel is the quality setting, whats it set to? are all the other global driver settings set to app. controlled?

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ok i click manual overclocking and select performance 3D and it shows a clock of 415mhz!!!


EDIT they are both set to global and the application checkbox at the bottom is checked.


what is 2d clock supposed to be? i paid for 460mhz on the GPU core!


EDIT it detects 'optimal' at 435. i think this card is bunk. is there any way to check the clock without using coolbits?

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