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  1. i'll bump this thread up whats the deal with the seasonic and replacements? firstly, i am hoping i wouldn't need to but i'm not sure how many of the "rev2" (or whatever it is) are in stock where. has anyone bought one lately? is there a contact who will acknowledge the rma reason as "has a dfi"? AG, when you say fortron and seasonic are the same, in what way do you mean? btw, i searched but couldn't find the old thread so i apologize if all this has been answered.
  2. is that windows xp w/ sp2? are you using the nv ides or regular windows? amd x2 drivers installed? 66.6 chipset drivers?
  3. welcome i used the windows driver from the amd website. as i remember there is only one. if you do a search of these forums you'll find a few threads discussing how to use it with various software solutions. i use RMclock on one of mine with the amd CnQ driver. works great
  4. i agree. Oskar even touched on it during the early days of the 4v jumper and cold boot issues. he referred to the gateways breaking down as well. volts independent of heat can kill chips.
  5. personally i don't like going over +10% vcore on any chip, nevermind one that is so new and runs so hot.
  6. windows xp sp2 with all updates 66.6 chipset 81.84 forceware amd x2 drivers MSFT dual core patch CnQ bios disabled no issues anymore, not even in gta:sa or serious sam2 demo.
  7. you're fine but there are dozens of threads with voltage/temp questions. a little search will go a long way
  8. dmo580, you have a single core. i never broke 50c either until i got an x2.
  9. thanks i've been wanting to measure my vcore but i haven't been able to get in there close enogh to do it safely with my crappy vision. my vdimm measures similar to yours- about .06 higher than i set it. my guess would be your vcore is also set at 1.45? mine tends to give software reads ~ .06 lower than what i set as well.
  10. max is over 100c but i would imagine you'd have other problems before you reach that i've seen others hitting around 60c. since installing my x2 i am around 55c when loaded 24/7. as you said, a fan will help you lower them if it bothers your oc or your peace of mind.
  11. hmmm, yeah i just ran aqua for the first time with these 81.84 drivers and i'm hitting 102k as well. alright by me. i wish i'd see 12-15% in 3d'sangames now lol.
  12. i got ~400 points gain in 3d05. i've been using them for the last couple days. i like them. nv is supposed to go official with these today actually or some form of these drivers. who says x2 aren't for gaming? i get better scores now than with my 3700 sandy @ 2750
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