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  1. Ive tried Mushkin level II, OCZ VX and Teamgroup (bh5/CH5/UTT bh5), 2T obviously. In me case the mushkins wil not even boot with any of the other sets in. VX and Teamgoup do work together. Too bad the teamgroup actually is the worst set of them so no high mem clocks. Didnt use 2048 long this is about the only pic with settings i have.
  2. Tried them on me aircooled rig with crappy Venice tonight. Didnt gain me anything over 6.5. IIRC the 6.6 beta's did better in SM 3.0 for others. Could be me single core proc and/or win 2000 though, wil try XP soon. Any news on crossfire without dongle/mastercard with cat 6.6 yet?? Venice 10 x 230 Win 2000 SP4 + DX 9.0c X1800XT 700/800 (atitool 025 beta 14) CCC @ performance 2005 2006
  3. Click. Thats a nice post for tccd. I do think same one is on these forums somewhere as wel.
  4. Ive tried 4x512 a while ago. Not same mem but maybe some secondary timings might help. Ran both 150 and 166 divider. Bios 510-2FIX.
  5. Yes you can adjust volts on GT with software just like X1800/1900 XT/XTX. Seems like a very nice card.
  6. Have a look at the latest Rivatuner (2.0 RC 16). It works great for both nvidia and ATI cards, a lot of monitoring functions, overclocking etc etc. Like it a lot.
  7. Cross fire seems to need some cpu mhz. Does CCC overclock the cards to same level when running 2 of them compared to single?
  8. Testing new RAM. CPU score likes bandwidth :nod: GFX 700/800:
  9. Do not just copie them, you probably do not need the 166 divider i ran, mal 8 and/or drive strength weak anyway.
  10. These should do for BH5: Your max async latency should be fine on 7, im on 8 because of HTT, same goes for drive strength, in your case normal should be fine.
  11. With card under load me chipset becomes about 5 deg hotter with X2 compared to stock hsf on X1800XT. As soon as i raise volts X2 cannot keep up with the stock cooler, at stock X2 cools a little better though and less noise obviously.
  12. A low drive & data drive strength might help when you have probs due to the cold. I use 3 and 1 on ultra-d
  13. I am using X2 on me X1800XT. Compared too stock HSF its very quiet obviously. On stock volts it even cools a bit better then stock HSF: As soon as i raise volts it cannot keep up with the stock cooler though. Chipset is around 5 deg hotter when card is under load with this HSF, it doesnt dump the hot air out of the back of the case like stock one does.
  14. With 11 multi 150 or 166 divider should do (as long as the 230 you are running now 1:1 is indeed stable). Genie bios, dram settings, dram freq. When looking for max cpu (on a certain vcore) i would start with superpi1M and work me way down to prime stable (obviously 1M stable isnt prime stable) its way faster then the other way around. Some people wil say 8 hours prime stable, others a week :nod: Its personal. For me being able to run me games is more imortant then prime although its a good stability test. Make sure you test both cores so run 2 instances of prime/superpi at the same time.
  15. You have to set it to run at 250 yourself, stock is always 200 on your board.
  16. BH5 likes (high) vdimm and a too low vcore with high vdimm is said to be a bad combination. As long as temps are ok vcore seems fine to me.
  17. Could you post a A64tweaker screenshot? Try to loosen max async latency and read preamble. 9 for mal and 6.5 for RP are good to start with. If this helps getting a higher HTT try to tighten them afterwards. The RAM being BH5 shouldnt be the problem.... This is a screen with me BH5 settings in:
  18. Overclockers.de ships outside of Germany. Make sure you get the PC4000 flavour though Mine are PC3200 made after they started binning up for DDR500 and dont do that good. This is me max i can get them at, me worst 1 gig set actually: The good PC3200 sticks you see in tests are all old ones, mine are week 01 2006. If your cpu hits +3 deg under load (Sandra bench) while it idles at -19 with same vcore you might wanna consider a remound. That much of a difference between idle and load on a fast test like that Sandra test could mean bad contact. How fast does temps rise after starting superpi?
  19. Very nice before. A cascade and -7 temps though, thats even hot for single stage....
  20. Noticed in one of your sandra screens cpu is at +2. Is that with multi driver ?
  21. Maybe with less cold it wil do even better. If i get me idle temps up to about -10 it wil max out at HTT 360 (only screenshot that is....) Give acpi multi tweak a try!
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