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  1. dual core = yeuh. just got oblivion today but i dont want to interrupt HL2 which im playing for the first time since i got it like 6mos ago
  2. ok i got it out and ill just leave that one on auto why is my avatar this
  3. OK I got it out with the claw I just got really frustrated and pulled it and it came out... But I am very confused to see 11/14/2005 as the date for the BIOS... what!? I thought the latest official was 623-3, and I was using 704-2BTA... Is this one newer than the mentioned? EDIT well I just looked it up, but should I use the 11/14 or 7/04-2BTA? 11/14 has ONE extra memory setting (TWCL) which I noticed was missing from 7/04, but everything else, besides the absence of default values, is the same... Any suggestions on which to use?
  4. I received my new BIOS chip today, and I have the PLCC extractor that came with the board. I try sticking each end in one of the 'corners' and compressing the claw but I can't get a good grip, I'm just pulling at the sides; I can't get it UNDER the corners. Any tips? I can't get this thing out!
  5. well i just called DFI and for a $10 deposit they are sending me a new one, and I send back my old one once i get the new one (so its free, minus shipping) should be here friday which sucks in its own but i still cant believe this even happened. all i did was something ive done 10000000 times, and A64tweaker doesnt even make changes at bios-level anyway, it just changes it temporarily... so i dont get it AT ALL.
  6. well i found a PS2 keyboard and im not sure i understand those directions because holding down insert during boot does nothing so i guess i get to order another one if overnight clear does nothing
  7. same thing after a 15min+ clear... i tried each stick in the far orange slot, same thing, and i doubt the same damage happened to each stick, so it looks like the board or something. is it possible to flash the BIOS through CD if i cannot even get it to post like this!?
  8. which one is it? still though, if temps are normal, if its secure, and since the bracket is symmetrical, i dont think it matters which way you put it on.
  9. oh ok thanks at this point im just reeeealy hoping the RAM (or anything else for that matter) isnt messed up right now, i just traded my 1gb kit that did DDR600 for this DDR500 2gb gskill kit yesterday
  10. the bracket around the CPU is symmetrical so i would expect it to not matter but then again that would also suggest that it should have fit either way
  11. yeah i took it out just to be sure someone else said that i probably corrupted my BIOS... is this likely? flashing is not something im up to right now... after i let it sit for 15-20mins i dont know what ill do if that doesnt work...
  12. oh i thought it was close slot anyway what happens is: 4 LEDs 3 LEDs 2 LEDs 1 LED Opteron 165, 2 CPUs <<< NOTHING >>> im going to try clearing CMOS for a little longer but yeah i cant imagine any damage i just have never seen anything like this thanks for the help ill get going on it... is removing the battery really necessary since moving the jumper effectively disables it?
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