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Building the hottest comp. with best new parts.

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Guest oRiOn

The Best Of The Best, wow that is quite a budget.


I would get


AMD X2 4800+

2gig Crucial Ballistix

2x74gb Raptors

Audigy 4 Pro (and wait for X-Fi)


Seasonic 600w PSU


now, unless your getting a Vapo or some other type of extreme cooling (besides water cooling) I would go with the best case out, the Antec P180




after you get everything and figure your headroom you can add some water cooling. That case is the best for air/any type of cooling right now (my opinion, and many others)




here is link to the silent pc page that discusses the case



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With that sort of a budget...


Screen of your choice...


1* Vapo LS

1* 4400+

2*1Gb OCZ RAM (ask OCZ Andy for todays best offer)

2 * Hitachi 80 GB (SATA 2) for system disk on nVidia RAID

4 * Maxtor 10 for file disk on 3114 RAID 5.

2 * BFG 7800 GT

1 * Waterchill kit for dual GFX and chipset

1 * OCZ PS 600 (for semi quiet operating or U get the 600W that David recommended)

1 * computer tech to build it for U


A case and Ure set to Rock'n Roll...

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Hey now, im not showing off, lol, just making use of a credit line i soon hope to get straightened out...credit company is bein' very difficult. I do plan on getting a phase change cooler...maybe not right away, but i will. I DO plan to stick with the X2 4800+ with 2 or 4 gb of ram...at least 2 to start off with. I do plan to cool the GPU's with whatever i can get my hands on, but chances are ill be putting this beast together in phases.


Phase I: Basic operating setup...cpu, and Mobo; ram, and hard drive(s); upper-middle class PSU; upper middle class fan setup; 0-moderate overclocking;custom CM Stacker case with all its goodies.


Phase II: Gather 2nd copies of GPU, PSU, hard drive(s), ram...etc, and equalize cooling to suit the increased strain...


Phase III: Open it up and toss in the best Phase Change cooler i can get my hands on.


Phase IV: Start my hefty workout on overclocking the CPU, and maximizing RAM performance. Equalizing cooling as necessary on RAM and GPU's


Phase V: Tweak to my wildest dreams and keep it from either exploding or going on a bloody rampage destroying every inferior computer in a 50 mile radius.


Theres no way i could raise the whole amount at once to build this thing, but i will definitely keep updates on my progress...though it will be significantly slowed due to my recent move into an apartment...very pricey. DAMN YOU SLOW CREDIT COMPANIES!

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