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  1. Yeah that is true, but regarding the waste of space, is that even an issue these days. I don't think so. If it were nobody would be buying these tiny capacity raptors. Especially when you have 4 that is plenty. Then you have your storage drives.
  2. Yup that is why you convert the drive on the FIRST reboot, right after the blue screen install, convert it to 16k, and then continue the rest of the install. and tghen once yo get into windows install sp2 and all that crap. That is what i did.
  3. You gotta run stripe 16/16. The only way to run 16/16 is to install windows, when it goes for first reboot, (right after the blue install screen), you stick in partition magic, convert the windows drive to 16k clusters (since windows formats at 4 and will not install on a formatted 16) and then let the installation setup thing continue. 16k in raid bios, but windows will still install to a 4k cluster. That is the only way to do it, unless you have 3 drives and there is another way to do it. So you will be running pansy butt slow unless you change it to 16k clusters (the format) not just in raid bios.
  4. It it runs well tell me, i want 4x32gig raptors, that would be super fast raid-0 heheheehe, and then just use USB 2 or firewire, for 250gb external drive which is backup and stores mp3s and stuff.
  5. Mate it is running much much much better. Even though there are some things that i now know for sure is a problem with BF2 coding or whatever and not our hardware. 8925 3dmark05's on Forceware 77.77. :nod: :shake: :cool: This board owns, NF3 was good, but just wasen't for me, a lot of incompatability problems. Others run it fine because they didnt have the hardware combo i did.
  6. It is good that people(e.g. deepblue) are pointing this stuff out to the idiots who come on here and like to argue when they dont know ..
  7. This is to all that are having just way too many problems with this motherboard and so on. You guys could probably try and cut your losses sell your AGP card, and NF3 , and buy a NF4. I bought myself a NF4 SLI-DR, this thing is flagship, it is DFI at its finest. Running everything fast and perfect. It is only what I recommend you do if you can and if you are just struggling with this motherboard.
  8. Yeah there sure is. Go find the BIOS page its under ovecloking or something and there are DAMN GOOD BOOTABLE BOIS UPDATING ISOS. It is the best. Another problem you might run into if you dont have a floppy is RAID drivers when installing windows.
  9. I FIXED ALL MY NF3 ULTRA D PROBLEMS I REPLACED IT WITH NF4 SLI-DR BLOODY BEAUTIFUl and a 7800gtx, now 8924 3dmark05. Woooo No more analogue sound incompatibilities. I have 150 divider HIP HIP HOORAY.
  10. Im backing up all my stuff now to do fresh raid array. One thing though, They are PATA drives so, if i dont use the PCi card, ill have to use mobo, and then i will have two dvd drives on slave that would suck for raid. If i put my dvd drives on the PCi card, then it wont boot from CD. barghh
  11. Same thing. Must be crap on the nF4 then, so can i transfer the PCI raid, to NF4 MOBO PATA Raid? how do i do that?
  12. the two raid drives WD800JB's are on the PCI RAID controller ITE IT8212F and it detects in ghost, partition magic, can install windows but as soon as there is first reboot it dosent continue, it just will not boot and load to windows cd again.
  13. I did still no go. DO i have to redo arrays, and will i loose date if i do so?
  14. I just bought a NF4SLIDR, and i am in the process of installing it so i can update the bios and do fresh install. So i plug in my pci raid card which has raid windows and that is where my drives sit on, but the board dosent seem to boot from it. Partition magic norton ghost sees it fine. I dont know what to do?
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