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  1. Loads of Luv and a job... Thats what i want Santa to bring. Hmmm on second thought I can swing the Luv just give me the job so i dont have to sell my apartment.
  2. Well for me the word reminds me of the Dragon Lance world where Gullydwarfs were the dirties and stupidest of the dwarven races.
  3. U guys just don't know your pizzas... We stole the idea from the italians in the 1950s from that we have created art. I have eaten pizzas in S-E asia, in New York and all over Europe (incl. italy) and the best pizzas are to be had in sweden. My Faourite is a Calzone style (like folded with the toppings inside. Toppings: Cheese and tomatosauce offcourse Onion Garlic Beef (Filet of beef in thin slices) fresh tomato shrooms and finally a good dollop of real Sauce Bearnaise. Oven for 15 minutes to a quarter of an hour... (Swedish joke) And u have it... And even our more conventional pizzas are often good however I must admit that if you're into Pan-pizzas youre out of luck if in Sweden.
  4. Ok ... Ive been away a LOOONG time and now Im really .... ehhh I dont even know what... OMG!!! AG=HG well Travis as long as U feel good about yourself and the world Im not unhappy with it but should you reconcider AG is always welcome back in in my world. Hope you do enjoy life. Hugz (no sloppy wet kisses tho ) /Fredrik
  5. Is any1 using a denmark I just ordered one and a gigabyte 7950
  6. Compatibility? Im on a DFI nF4 SLI-DR of the first generation Im getting an opteron 170 and a Gigabyte 7950 GX2 right now has any1 encountered issues or am I going to be ok? /F
  7. Yo Ive got a question for all you ppl out there with a 7900 GT or the 7950 (I dont know what to get) Im planning on playing on 1920*1080 (Yupp 37" LCD TV) and i want to know how they handle that. I also have to upgrade my CPU to get it rolling with the gfx so I am a bit short on cash. Is the 7950 worth 300$ more then the 7900gt Thx for opinions /F
  8. LoL saw ExRoadie and Ace was in when I entered the forum and vlicker the off topic since Im a lazy bastard and I just don't have the time and energy any more to sort through any useful stuff.. And can U guess who else was in here LoL :dog: U R Lazy :dog:s as well guys
  9. I disagree with 4 a friend who is more friendly to your ex-girlfriend then to U should stay and rot in the cage as the animal he is :mad: :dog:
  10. Yo since we are on the subject here Im looking at an ACER LCD: http://global.acer.com/products/lcd_tv/at3705-MGW.htm with these specs: http://global.acer.com/products/lcd_tv/spec_at3705-mgv.htm A: any1 have experiance with these? B: Even if U dont have the XP what do U think?
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