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Enter The PS3....


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Now we've had Microsoft finally reveal the new Xbox 360 now we have Sony revealing the new PS3, and i gotta say it looks just as awesome :D Even more so in some aspects....

And here it is:




And obviously they've already started comparing its Cell Processor to that of the Xbox 360's:



CPU: Cell Processor

* PowerPC-base Core @3.2GHz

* 1 VMX vector unit per core

* 512KB L2 cache

* 7 x SPE @3.2GHz

* 7 x 128b 128 SIMD GPRs

* 7 x 256KB SRAM for SPE

* 1 of 8 SPEs reserved for redundancy

* total floating point performance: 218 GFLOPS


The Graphics Chip was a joint effort between Sony and Nvidia and is entitled the RSX and will trump the Xbox 360's chip with 1080p Graphics Support...


* RSX @550MHz

* 1.8 TFLOPS floating point performance

* Full HD (up to 1080p) x 2 channels

* Multi-way programmable parallel pipelines


It will have 256mb of XDR main ram @ 3.2ghz and 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz.


It will take 2.5" LapTop HardDrives, Memory Stick, SD and CF Slots :)

Bluetooth support for up to 7 wireless controllers.

6 USB System Ports.


And as expected supports the Blue Ray Disc Format as well as all other popular formats(Dvd, Cd etc) and being fully backwards compatible with the PS2 and PS1.


What about the games? Well, just check out these videos...

Killzone 2 :drool:

Final Fantasy VII Technical Demo. Does this mean that we will be getting a remake of FFVII like has been rumoured in the past? Hmmm....

Motor Storm, from Evolution Studios, the guys behind the great World Rally Championship series of PS2 games :)


Also, Metal Gear Solid 4 has been confirmed for PS2 and a bit of a suprise is that Hideo Kojima will be behind the helm after saying he won't be making any more Metal Gear Solid games after 3. Probably changed his mind when he saw the actual power behind the nextgen consoles :D


It will be out about 6months after the Xbox 360, i cant wait. :nod:

Now i can't wait to hear about Nintendos latest offering...

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demos were def impressive and the cell numbers on paper look good. the bad thing about all of this is that sony did the same thing with the ps2 emotion engine. it was supposed to be the most amazing cpu ever created and the ps2 ended up being the worst power out of the three major consoles.


i will be picking up an xbox2 in november and may pick up a ps3 depending on how things pan out. my thoughts are that if a company can launch 4-6 months ahead of another with a few killer titles (meaning 9.4-10.0 ratings) then they will win the next gen console war.


also i read ms pulled perfect dark zero from e3 after sony unvelied the ps3. i find that quite funny. i sure hope they get things straightened out with that game. pd deserves a sequel that is amazing.(not rushed)


last comment. not a fan of the controller design. (however haven't tested it in hand)

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I don't think Sony will make the same mistakes as last time. Yeah the EE was definitely overhyped, but the actual early game demos(Gran Turismo, The Bouncer etc.) didn't look half as good as the final released titles. I still have the mags here from way back, and the technical demos look crap now :D

The main gripes were that it was so hard for programmers to initially get to grips with and it lacked some quite basic graphical featrures. They've got Nvidia on the case now so i doubt that will happen again.


I won't make the mistake of buying a console on launch day again, i'll just wait till they get a bit more established with some quality titles behind them. I'll more than likely end up getting them all like i always do :)


Not sure whether getting a console out earlier is enough. The Dreamcast was a great machine and had a full 1year leap on the PS2, with the Xbox 360 its only going to be a matter of months. Time will tell... But i think it will probably be closer this time around.

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wasnt impressed with the PS3...it was like their other E3 shows, they show a lot of CG rendered scenes and claim it was real-time.


if you look closely at the specs on each box, you can see that Sony is purely guessing at what their 'amazing CELL cpu' can do.


I don't buy it. I've worked around CISC and RISC cpu's for 10 years straight now, and have been on a couple of good mod teams that worked directly with game engines...and what I see MS doing is being realistic, and Sony is not being realistic.


again, look at the actual hardware, not Sony's pimped up numbers of what THEY claim it will do. It is actually a little worse than what the X360 has in it.


and then take a look at the video chipset...people claim that the nvidia dual gpu will 'trump' the ATI solution...but I don't believe it is going to be as lopsided as everyone else thinks...to this day, ATI still makes a much stronger single gpu solution, while Nvidia of course beats them with TWO gpu's in SLI. The ATI solution is one that no one has seen yet, and is much better than any desktop PC gpu.



I also refuse to watch G4 anymore as they are nothing but a bunch of idiotic fanboys who were so wowed by Sony's vaporware (do you see anyone actually playing a tech demo on the PS3? no, just pre-rendered sequences that are alpha jobs at best, that even the old Xbox itself can produce).


I really really liked G4TV before...but last night watching them whore themselves to a console that is still just an Alpha dev kit....it is completely sad...they don't have a clue what the hell they are talking about.


MS is looking to expand their dominance in the online gaming world...and that is what 360 is all about.


Yet these retarded drool-slurping losers from G4 can't figure it out, but if you actually watch their tv shows on their network, ALL THEY DO IS TOUT THE GREATNESS OF MULTIPLAYER AND THEY CONSTANTLY DROP PS2 SCORES MUCH LOWER BECAUSE OF WEAK OR LACK OF INTERNET MULTIPLAYER.


wtf? they must have all forgot how important they themselves make multiplayer out to be.


I mean, im impressed when i see a Ford concept car at a show that will do 280mph and take corners @ some crazy speed etc.




its all smoke and mirrors...no one has one of those cars...and the cars that DO finally come out on the production line...*gasp* much like Sony's crappy Ps2...all hype, and no hardware substance (though the PS2 does sport some killer games, it still is nothing like Sony presented it to be at the PS2's first E3)


I'm disgusted by fanboyism completely.


btw, I was impressed with Nintendo going a different route once again...and the fact that they will be offering the complete NES/SNES/N64/GC downloadable content! I grew up with the NES so im supa stoked for it!


and they actually made the DS look kinda neat for the first time lol.

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I'm disgusted by fanboyism completely.

Completely agree. I really hate fanboyism and always have! At the end of the day its the games that matter not the power of the machine, and i don't think there'll be that much between the 3 at all this time, not like last time where the PS2 was definitely the most inferior of the 3 and by quite a margin. Still, it has still managed to produce a few excellent games though :)

I have an Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube all setup round my TV and play them all(Gamecube being my current most played console) but i find if i go to get a multiformat title i prefer to buy the Xbox version because basically they tend to be the best translations.


Nintendos offering does look great, and i like the design of it. They've all seemed to opt for a very similar design this time, along the lines of the PS2 design with them being able to stand vertically or horizontally.


Time will tell which will turn out to be the best, but personally i'm pretty stoked by all 3 :) Still, i think Microsoft will still have a hard time cracking the Japanese market, great machine or not :(

I definitely won't be one of the suckers buying them on launchday this time though, i made that mistake last time. I'm gonna wait and bide my time till they get some more established titles and the price drops through the inevitable price wars :D I made a big mistake buying a PS2 on launchday last time, for the first year i think i played more PS1 games on it than anything because the initial games released for it were crap.

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