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  1. I think thats Elgin Illinois Loggan, unless you've moved without telling us? Kayone. Contact Angry Games through the email link in his signature and he will arrange to flash the bios chip for you. You'll just have to extract it and send it to him
  2. Hi Flip and welcome Before i start i'd better point out that you need to make a sig as it states HERE. Yeah the Infinity does have connectors for 3 Firewire Ports but the bracket it comes with only has 1 Port as you say. The reason for that maybe down to the fact most cases come with Firewire Ports built in(mine does) and most ppl probably don't use more than 1 Firewire Port anyway. Myself i don't use any. You can buy the Brackets seperately because i've seen them(best bets probably Ebay), and you can buy Card Readers etc that fit in one of the drive bays and have Firewire Ports built in too. Theres one HERE but i'm not too certain that will fit the DFI but it looks like it might... One HERE too. One says its for Asus and the other says its for MSI but i'd imagine they'd all have to use a standard connector so you could use the ones built into your case on the motherboard...
  3. It was only a joke, but saying that, the USA has had a lot of critism for pollution over recent years. Europes record aint that great either, especially in comparison with countries like China(though they are currently rising up the ranks dramatically ) and India which have huge populations. Then again, depends on a persons views. Is Global Warming real or just a load of hot air lol...
  4. Its Hurricane season. And this year appears to be a particular bad one. Maybe its Global Warming and Mother Nature has decided its time to get some payback
  5. Don't know what that Asrock is like but i would have never risked flashing a modded bios on my old Asrock. It was an AMI Bios and soldered to the board, and even Asrock admitted there was no known way to recover from a bad flash, you just had to dump it and get a new board. It weren't a bad board but absolutely useless for overclocking really, even though they advertised it as having overclocking features Whats the bios chip like on that 939 Asrock Alienwhere?
  6. Bad news Oh well, if i was him i'd take the opportunity to make an upgrade to A64 You can get em just as cheap as a Socket A these days and they're easier to find than another one of these nForce2 DFI's... The LanParty NF3 UT 250GB is a very decent board and very cheap, cheaper than the LanParty B at a lot of places i've seen in fact. Here in the UK anyway.
  7. Ram shouldn't hold you back because its PC3200(200mhz) and you currently only have it at 156mhz. If your CPU is locked then that is more likely to hold you back. I can't say adding mosfet heatsinks would help with your overclock, especially with the type of overclock you currently have no. If you running a really high FSB & lots of voltage then mosfets could help keep things cooler which in turn will aid stability. Even then, don't expect adding mosfet heatsinks to work miracles by helping you gain an extra 10mhz FSB or something A lot of ppl i know who use mosfet heatsinks don't gain much, if anything at all, but they can help with overall system stability and help keep the system running slightly cooler which is one of the main aims.
  8. The SATA Bios is embedded in the System Bios. The only way you can update it is by updating the motherboard bios, but the DFI motherboard bios' only contain upto the 5.0.35 SATA Bios. You can mod a bios yourself and add the latest SATA Bios to it if you know how. If you download and burn Tmods Bios Boot CD and burn and boot from it you will find Tmod has already updated them to the latest SATA Bios, so you can just flash to one of them using it... The SATA Bios' & Drivers currently on Silicon Images site are only actually for the Sil3114 PCI Cards not for motherboards with the Sil3114 embedded, but Tmod modded the latest SATA Bios & Drivers( for these boards) to work properly with motherboards that have the Sil3114 embedded.
  9. Yeah thats what i'm sayin. If disabling it works better for you then do it, if it doesn't then don't. If it did help me with my overclock then i'd leave it disabled because the problems disabling it did cause me weren't exactly major and i could put up with them if having it disabled helped with my overclock, but with me not seeing any benefits from running with it disabled i didn't see the point. So i suppose the moral of this story is if you think it might help then try it, if you find it doesn't then just leave it enabled. Don't disable it just for the sake of it. Sounds like your CPU has issues running at such a high FSB Neo, and it doesn't really suprise me at that speed! So how do the SW IDE drivers act differently with it enabled? I don't actually bother with the Nvidia SW IDE Drivers myself really because i only have Sata HardDrives.
  10. Shouldn't be any major problems with drivers anyway Capt. It should have no problems posting which is all you really want to do, and Windows should load the default drivers for it when Windows loads. Well good luck. Hopefully the board is fine. It isn't sounding good from what you say, but you never know...
  11. Normally if theres a problem with the Video Card you'd get 1 long & 2 short beeps to indicate there was an issue. But still, you can't 100% say the board is fried until you've tested everything else out such as trying a new Video Card and a different PSU. I've had a blown PSU that has still continued to supply the motherboard with some power to light the led's, even though it was bust and wouldn't actually power the board up. Also closely examine the board for any signs of damage.
  12. Must be something to do with your components maybe? I know i'd seen it mentioned a lot that disabling it can help with your overclock so i thought i'd test it out just to see if it helped me. The answer is a resounding no, and it just caused unwanted problems. I could understand how it could help some who might be having issues with their CPU Overclock with it enabled, but if you aren't having problems then disabling it is completely pointless imo. My system is definitely more stable with it enabled.
  13. Now i've been testing out running with APIC disabled for the past couple of months just to see if i could see any benefit on my rig. After a couple of months i've finally decided it doesn't help me one bit and it causes me more problems than anything. I'd been having a lot of weird issues, one major one being shut down problems. Every now and again it would just freeze during shutdown. Also i couldn't shutdown from the Welcome Screen. If i hit the button to Shutdown at the bottom of the screen it would bring the option up but i couldn't click on anything so i had to press CTRL, ALT, DEL to select the shutdown/restart option that way. Since re-enabling APIC all my problems have gone away... Just wondering, has anyone else had weird issues from running APIC disabled? From my experiences i'd have to say don't disable it unless you really need too to help with your CPU overclock, if you don't notice any benefits then leave it enabled.
  14. Eek! Possibly. And/or the card... Have you tried another card in there?
  15. Tmod i've hosted your version 4 CD for you, downloadable from HERE so you can add the link to the first post if you want.
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