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  1. x2 for sure. multitasking with two cores (smp) is :drool:
  2. tried uninstalling nvidia drivers. then running drivercleaner. then reinstalling? nvidia drivers are usually quite easy to install. ati on the other hand.....
  3. equinox here is the email for dfi technical support. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/mailnew1.jsp...TYPE=US&SITE=US as far as your problem. please explain it a little better. go into more detail as to what the exact problem is and what you have tried. (power flickers meaning the system power starts to boot but doesn't get all of the way through boot?)
  4. Happy Birthday AG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. rb i use all three dimm slots with my three pdp xbl tccd 512 sticks of ram. however when running two sticks 1 & 3 were better.
  6. title says it all. here is the link. seems we may get s754 dual core goodness after all.(though a little late as i will prob be hitting x2 s939 before then) http://www.crn.com.au/story.aspx?CIID=24223 credit goes to [email protected] xs for finding this.
  7. the xp120 with a decent cfm fan will def keep your manchester chip cool.(great picks for cooling) however in no way is 2.6GHz guaranteed off the bat. alot depends on your luck of the draw with the chip you get. most people are getting decent clocks on those 3800s. i assume you will but no guarantees. you may also look into taking off the ihs. i have heard doing that helps overclocks a little bit if you get good contact without destroying the cpu. though be very very careful when doing this with an xp120. you have to make a few modifications on the heatsink stands and also be careful when you clip it to the core.(those clips love to give uneven pressure and crack cores)
  8. was hoping the term commercially available wasn't in the fineprint of the challenge. (it was) would have been nice to see intel whomp on amd with an 06 non released woodcrest chip. (http://www.anandtech.com/tradeshows/showdoc.aspx?i=2504) right now amd def has the upper hand due to it's wonderfully a64 design platform and it's capability to scale easily to multiple cores at still low power consumption and heat.
  9. not sure about the dfi nf4 bios but in some of them you can delegate an irq number for a specific pci slot. look around in there for it. creative has always been a company with a tough install. i got my aud 2zs up plat up and running perfectly last year and i have left it untouched since then for fear i would have to go through a week of instlaling and updating and formatting to get it back to where it was. also partially the reason i haven't picked up an x-fi yet from bb.(the other reason lack of difference in fps and lack of a barebones 64mb card)
  10. yep watched it. didn't like the first half of the show but the last half i did. the final 10 minutes of the show i was completely balling my eyes out. i have watched every single show in order over the years except for one and have really appreciated the outlook on life the show has given me. it will most definately be show i play to my children and grandchildren in their late teens to give them an idea of the type of higher end dramas we had in the early 21st century when i was at the university and growing up.
  11. only build for close friends and family. even then it can be a pain. the computer noobs you build for will hound you to death if something is not working or if a part goes bad. you will end up spending extra hours troubleshooting and fixing things. (this is if you don't put in the stipulation that once you build you are done with help.)
  12. totally agree. NEVER EVER EVER buy top of the line. (that is unless you are rich and have lots and lots of money to spare) you can spend thousands and thousands more for a computer that will only be 10-30 percent faster than a cheap one.
  13. you will prob be okay with 59c but honestly do you need that extra 60 MHz? just run it at 2640 and be happy with that. no need to create problems for an extra 100 3dmarks.
  14. change voltage in the bios to default voltage of chip. (i believe the 3700 newark is 1.35v or 1.40v) also change multiplier to 12x which is the default of the newark 3700. many people over at xtremesystems.com have gotten their 3700 newarks to run wonderfully. would link but their forums are down for the day.
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