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3.3vRail Overvoltage Symptoms?


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I modded my 3.3vRail a week ago and all went fine... at that stage I measured it as 3.84v under no load when nothing plugged into PSU... in Windows it was 3.71v, which it fine.

Prior to the mod I had it at 3.63v unloaded, and 3.52v loaded... the drop may be onboard resistance or my PSU dropping under load, either way it's fine with me.


Last night I tweaked a bit more... up to 3.91v unloaded.

But now the board won't power up.

I haven't cleared CMOS etc yet because I only finished it all late last night and had to go to bed, and now I'm at work... but I was hoping to get some info on the forum today before I go home so I have more knowledge on how to go bout solving the issue.


To start with it would power up and one second later it would shut back down... I went to bed disappointed and then this morning realised my CPU Fan was unplugged. Plugged it in and the board stayed powered up, but didn't get into BIOS... jus looped the powerup sequence. So I unplug PSU from wall for a second and try again.. now it goes back to the shutting down after 1 second routine.


What I want to know is... how does the board behave when the 3.3vRail is pushed too high?

Does anyone know?


Is what I'm seeing just the 3.3vRail overvoltage protection, or something else?




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