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  1. The email he has in his profile is the one he uses MSN with... he hasnt been online for bout a year tho. On myspace i got 2 matches for acidbaby... one was a girl (maybe why he doesnt want to be contacted anymore...) and the other was that dude that sez he is 14. I didnt look further into it because he is more like 27 or something... but maybe il check that one out Cheers for the replies man.. Peace Rabb
  2. Hey bro... yeh i saw that, i dropped him a PM ther over a month ago but he hasnt been back since. Tried googling him but seems its a pretty common alias! who woulda thought.. He has a MySpace page but i couldn't locate that either.. Cheers anyway
  3. Haven't been here for a long time, looks like I dont even recognise most of the names in here anymore... Reason I'm posting is I haven't heard form aCidbAbY in a while and have been trying to get in touch with him... he used to be a regular here back before phones didnt need cords and it was cheaper to fill up your fuel tank than buy a new car If anyone knows how I can get in touch with him let me know by PM or post in this thread Biggy thanks to all helpers Rabb
  4. Right... So my point that the CPU->RAM connection is not an HTT connection is correct yeah? From that it seems like: CPU->RAM = 64bit/128bit parallel bus CPU->Chipset = HTT I still dont see what all the fuss is about with RD580 being able to do a higher HTT speed... Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to RD580 a lot, but not for the HTT reason
  5. Seeing as the point im trying to make is that a HIGHER HTT wont really make much difference... try changing your LDT multi from 4x to 5x and run a few benchmarks to gauge the improvement... or lack of it
  6. i think you're confusing the CPU-to-RAM speed with the HyperTransport speed... HyperTransport is the link between the SB & NB, and between the NB & CPU as far as I know. Having a higher total HTT isnt going to effect memory bandwidth... not by a noticeable margin anyway... I guess there could be a benefit if you were running some bandwidth hungry PCI-E cards like high end sound card, capture card, add-in RAID card, Gigabit ethernet, physic processing unit(?), etc. I think the only real benefit is, as you said, making overclocking easier for newbies..
  7. Please explain why? I was under the impression the HyperTransport bus wasnt being saturated as it is right now anyway... and seeing as ATI only use the NB chip for "SLI" there really isnt much necessity for increased NB->SB communication speeds is there? "HOW" would it help... I guess that's my question...??
  8. but is it really going to make a difference?
  9. I take it you mean this one? Asus A8R-MVP That does look nice... but it'll take a bit for me to buy a non-DFI board after my last one
  10. RG, i wholeheartedly expect you or AG to nail me on this one... its likely the punishment's a swift slap 'round the ears for me even bringin this up again... but i'll take the curious cat approach and weather what comes my way... is there any word on the DFI RD480/RX480 with ULi 1575 south bridge? the bigtoed version? rabb
  11. The third voice bro... the one coming from your wife... if she is armed her voice carries more weight hehe Personally I am weighting for SB600 or M1575 south bridge versions... SB450 is outdated
  12. Thanks for the heads up AG & RG Does this board use the SB450? I know... if it aint out you probably dont know, but I'm going to ask and hope anyway... do you guys have any idea bout which SB is planned for the nex ATI board?
  13. Ooops sorry navyman04, I forgot to link the thread I got the info from.... here is it learners permit, have you tried the timings and voltages from that thread?
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