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DTR to be, or not?

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I have the following CPU sitting around and a friend wishes to use it in a motherboard.


Specs as follows


3400+ DTR

1mb cache

Socket 754

1.5v voltage pretty sure


Number on the chip reads:




So can someone telll me which motherboards will work with this "out of the box" as when I had it in my asus k8n-e deluxe it did not play well. And I had cpu replaced for same CPU so I know it's not the chip.


So a list of CONFIRMED out of the box motherboards would be nice as my friend does not wish to get into flashing.


Thnx for your time,


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Man are you in a DFI forum? Now go choose. But you know when people ask so absolutely weird questions; it makes me wonder for sure. Google would have found the answer easily. You appear to be freshly registered and if not that; then newly posting. Your friend is going to use your cpu and he does not want to flash. Somebody sounds like they really don't need a DIY setup anyway. Most people flash the 9/14 bios onto the UT250gb board anyway when running DTR's if the board does not now already come that way. Oh well strange is as strange does I suppose.





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