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  1. Ok, so like all overclockers, I'm out to get good things on the cheap, so not too long ago I purchased a 2x512MB pack of TwinMOS ValueRAM from newegg in the hopes of getting the good UTT stuff. For once, I lucked out, and not only did I get the right stuff, I got some of the better ones, they were capable of running 260MHz 2-2-2 with 3.4vdimm. So great, I set them up, and they ran great for a couple weeks. No problems whatsoever, something finally went my way. Then one day, while adjusting timings (tREF) the system hung so I had to shut it down, but when I tried to fire it back up, it didn't do anything, the power light came on and the HDD light blinked, and then it just sat there. No fans, nothing. Turned it off by holding the power button down and then shut off the AC mains on the PSU, waited for the standby light to go off, then flipped it back on. Now, when I hit the power button, it comes to life, the power light blinks a number of times, then I hear repeated long beeps. Then I try to clear CMOS, figuring the timings I set were no good, but even then, same deal, repeated long beeps. After that point I begin to get worried that I may have fried the RAM, so I stomp off, pissed. I come back within a few hours, try again, and wow, works perfect, boots right up. I figure it just was a fluke then go on about my life... until the next day. Same deal, have to turn the computer completely off for some reason, try to turn it back on (after switching off the PSU), and more repeated beeps. This time it takes a whole day for it to come back to life. It happened one more time and wouldn't work after 2 days, then I assumed it was dead, and got ready to throw it out. Gave it one last try and it worked again. Now, basically it's been the same thing ever since. Every time I completely power down the computer, if I press the power button, the power light comes on, but nothing happens. Then I shut off the AC mains, wait for the standby light to go off, power back up, and then repeated beeps. It finally works after a lot of swearing, swapping RAM slots, clearing CMOS. No one things seems to solve it, it seems to happen at random. But once it boots, everything is fine, 15 hours Prime95 stable at 250x11, so I don't have a slightest clue what's goin on. I've tried a couple BIOSs, the 9/14 mobile, the 5/04 (?) Rev E, and currently using the tic tac 4.0vdimm modded 5/04 for chips Rev E. I have since upgraded to a Newark core mobile, but I had these same problems with my ClawHammer mobile. I remember reading some people having similar problems, and that dropping the vdimm helped, but it does nothing for me. Right now I'm using my backup 256MB PC3200 OCZ ValueRAM and it works flawlessly, but try to put the TwinMOS back in and back to beeping. I'm at a complete loss and on the verge of taking a sledge hammer to my computer, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Which speed grade did you get (3400+, 3700+, etc)? 3700+ What did you upgrade from? 3400 62-watt Mobile ClawHammer (was it worth it? At this point I'm thinking no.. :mad: :sad: ) Have you had any problems, have any weird things happened? Doesn't POST with memory in DIMM3, only about 1 out of every 100 boots is sucessful (others just result in endless beeping...), though I'm 99% this is caused by my RAM dumping on me... No CPC option on DRAM config unless using a BIOS for Rev E CPUs (duh). Did it improve your RAM overclock? Seems to have worsened them actually, used to be able to run 260MHz 2-2-2 with 3.4vdimm, barely POSTs at 255, again though, this RAM appears to be flakely, so take it with a grain of salt (or a 10 pound bag ) What CPU speeds are you able to hit? So far, 2750Mhz 15 hours Prime95 stable with 1.62vcore (1.475 x 110% I think...), got it to run 2805MHz before... can't seem to do it again though... :confused: Again though, it's highly likely my RAM is being dodgey again :mad: What cooling are you using? Thermalright XP-120, Arcitc Silver 5, and 120x38mm Panaflo Medium (86.xx CFM I believe) Anything else you think is worth mentioning... Not too happy about spending $360 for 50Mhz increase, especially when seems like everyone else is clocking better :confused: For now, I blame it on my RAM, but hopefully I can see what it'll reall do sometime soon
  3. Alright so I just bought a 3700 Newark mobile, and I remember someone talking about a nF3 BIOS for the new Rev E Semprons, and I need it for this guy too
  4. Anyone know a place I can get one of these? Excaliber PC has a mobile with 1.4v listed, but the SKU number they provide is for the DTR, I've emailed them to confrim, but I'm betting it's the DTR version.
  5. Well that's good to know, but you guys have any suggestions on which would be best to get? I've got some of the TwinMOS CH-UTT that does 260 2-2-2 at 3.4vdimm, but I'm lookin for little more, 265. Burning these sticks in only seemed to worsen the problem, and I'm afriaid they may have recently crapped out on me, have to get another DDR module to test to find out, oh well.
  6. I've heard that the new PC3200 Gold non-VX that OCZ released has the new BH-5 chips found in some TwinMOS SP 3500. Is this true? :confused:
  7. Monarch has Venice preorders right now Now I'm torn between the idea of that new 3700 Mobile of a true Turion... Guess price will be the deciding factor.
  8. Anyone else having a little trouble believing 22,000MB/s of memory bandwidth...? :confused:
  9. Woulda been nice if they had that on the nF3, but anyway, off-topic discussion is awesome :shake:
  10. The thought crossed my mind, but when I touch the ICs they're barely lukewarm and I'd figure the 125CFM fan from my XP-120 would be about as good as cooling is gonna get. Just read another post about maybe I should try 3.4 volts, which I think I will.
  11. Picked up some TwinMOS ValueRAM the other week, they indeed turned out to be AA4T Winbond UTT. After some negotiating, long talks with the RAM, and swapping DIMM slots I was able to run memtest/prime95 successfully at 260FSB 1.5-2-2-7 with 3.5v. I figured I'd let them burn in overnight for 265FSB (which gave ~80 errors per pass memtest no.5) with 3.5vdimm, but came back the next morning to see that the number of errors had increased instead of decreased (now about ~800 errors per pass). Is there any specific reasoning or something I'm doing wrong behind this? I was really shooting for 2.65GHz (265x10) (though I'm pretty happy 2.6Ghz with a mere 1.5v). I'm thinking it's my chip's memory controller... but I dunno. I'd post an A64 tweaker screen shot, but it's not reading some parameters correctly... :confused:
  12. That's funny... I'm running TwinMOS Value with UTT at 260FSB with 3.5v, and both yesterday and today the system, seemingly at random, would not POST and would just do long beeps, then after letting it sit for a few hours all was well again... wonder if it's the RAM or the board... :confused:
  13. I would expect Excaliberpc to be one of the first vendors to carry the Turions as they were one of the first I saw to carry the 62watt mobiles, but their site seems to be down...and has been for a while, did they go out of business or change their address? I'm pretty excited about this, tired of all the Socket 939 praise :nod: As for the whole RAM despute, I was able to get my TwinMOS ValueRAM up to 260MHz with 3.5 volts on the first go, so...
  14. Good point, but as an overclocker, it's never enough :cool: Well I was gonna yell at blaznee for hijacking my thread, but I decided I'd humor myself and others and swap slots. Changed the module in slot 2 to slot 1 and changed the module in slot 1 to slot 3 and bam 260MHz 2-2-2-10 3.5v :shake: Gonna burn them in tonight at 265 (still lookin for 265x10 to good timings :cool: ) Not bad for $108 RAM 2x512MB :nod:
  15. Just got some of the Winbond UTT/CH-5 TwinMOS stuff, and was having awesome luck for the first time up until 255MHz 2-2-2-10. Running 3.5 volts and 2-2-2-10-1T, everything else is on auto, and in memtest number 5 it fails at the same 8 addresses every time. Is this normal part of the burn-in period or is there something wrong/damaged? :confused:
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