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Whats happening with DFI???

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hey guys,


/start rant (OPINION ONLY)


ive been using DFI motherboards (OEM) for years now as they have always been great reliable motherboards, great for ATM machines, and also been using them in my home PC.


when the Lanparty series first arrived i was very happy to see a manfacturer such as DFI offering such features and hoping they would keep on their reliability into these motherboards, and initially i thought they did,


but of late there seems to be more and more issues with their motherboards, and im not just talking about Lanparty motherboards, even the OEM boards seem to have more problems then they used to.


is this because DFI has gained so much more popularity and has had to increase manufacturing so much and therefore lose on quality control?


maybe they are putting more peple into different areas to get motherboards out quicker than before.


i dont know about you guys, but i would love to see them ween out their bugs a bit more, and go back to the reliability they once had,


for example i remember seeign only 1 in maybe 500 motherboards that came through were i worked to be faulty and that was rather nice indeed, now we are seeing more like 1 in 100 - just coincidence i dont think so!


whats going on?


we've even had to start looking at other companies motherboards! which is nto good!


of course this all could be just because they are producing so many more motherboards than they used to ?


oh on another note, who is DFI's parent company? anybody know?


/end rant

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let's also not forget that mobo manufacturers assemble their mobo's with components bought from other sources... we can't hold DFI responsible for a component failure that they did not directly produce.... and lets also not forget that all failures occur in the first 10 minutes either... it can take up to 90 days for a component to fail, so easily something that can be missed by QA.


Look a ABIT's historical era with failed capacitors... was it abit's fault? NO... they did not produce those caps. Even after my KT7-RAID blew it's caps, I bought another ABIT (AT7-MAX2) and never regretted it.


My latest decision was to purchase nForce2. my web research pointed me to DFI based on a feature set that I wanted. Not every review was glowing, but they never are. I am so happy I made the move to DFI, as they are so much more responsive and responsible when it has come to any of my communications.


I refuse to blame any mobo manufacturer for falling prey to a bad run of a component... what I will measure a manufacturer on is how they are going to deal with it after it has happened. DFI has my vote:nod:

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:confused: I see no practical purpose to this thread as it is not addressed to the correct venue for an answer and is only capable of generating speculation for which there is no one in the forum that will ever have the correct answer, but only a speculated answer.


This is not a venue for ranting the current value of a company nor the appropiateness of their current business practices. This is a by nature and useage a forum to extend help to those with a particular motherboard problem if such help is available.


Questions regarding the fitness for merchantablity of a product should be directed to those who have the power to assess such problems and address those types of problems. Public Relations for DFI Inc. is the correct venue for addressing the current state of DFI the company per se. Public Relations for DFI the company is also the only avenue thru which a consumer need state his intention to redress himself as a user of another brand of product produced by DFI the company.


In short a user help forum for motherboards is not an appropriate venue to discuss a companies manufacturing processes with a view to 'what' is wrong with the company. Again no one in the forum can answer such a question and if a user wishes to voice his dissatisfaction with DFI the company; the correct and appropriate venue is with Customer Relations for DFI.


You may consider this thread duly locked while I consider if the thread has any merit whatsoever to remain in the forum and take up the matter with the forum owner and funder of same.


None of us in this forum are fools or idiots. We all know that the thread was not a request for help and that the poster of same has only just signed up very very recently in an effort to have access to vent uselessly and with questioning that is not in anyway possible to be justly answered from a help forum.


Sincerely, RGone...

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RGone has stated all that needs to be said.


We are techs here. We (RG and I) do not have any answers to your speculation about the quality of products that to you, 'seems' to be going down.


If you wish to find the answers to your question, please contact the main offices of DFI in Taipei, TW. They will be the only ones that can give you what seek, and whether or not their answer satisfies you is beyond my ability to predict.


This is a help forum. This forum is intended for the purpose of helping DFI customers correct any issues within the product that they have in hand.


If you have a problem with your motherboard that needs to be addressed, please state clearly what the problem is and we will do our best to help you correct it.


If you wish to ponder why, in your opinion, things are this or that with the company or it's products as a whole, then you must contact some other branch of the company, as we have no answers and our job is not to ponder such questions.

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