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    DFI FAQ Page (update)

    Umm, I have an F10 Key... but not sure about the other one;) the top faq entry
  2. check my post ... You changed a bit more than me, but stability was my prob after swapping PC2700's out for PC3200's. Also some ppl have been having issues with the 3200+ CPU's... I would search these forums on the 3200+ I can also remember DFI offering a free repair on the LP-A's... something about having firewire enabled and the issues it caused... best bet would be to contact/PM Angry on the details. BTW... I've never heard of your RAm manufacturer... what chips does it use?
  3. Are you running your memory out of sync @ 433 from your CPU @ 333? Win98, Win2K, WinXP? What SP? Have you loaded all Windows Updates for your system? Are all your other peripheral drivers up to date? Did you load the USB drivers off the CD?
  4. m0ng0d

    LPB SATA/hang problems???

    if there is a SATA diag tool for your drives... trust me... it will find them
  5. m0ng0d

    LPB SATA/hang problems???

    The SW_IDE drivers are not recommended, uninstall and switch to the MS default drivers. Have you actually ran the DIAG utility for your drives (made by the drive manufacturer)? The last drives to do this to me were my Fujitsu's... as you can see they are no longer in my config. Apparently they had bad servo-motors. Check your Event Log (I think System log), and look for entries like "HD not responding within timeout period" or the likes.
  6. Well, I am not certain it is fixed yet per say... unless a 5.5 hour successful Prime indicates a stable system... does it? At any rate... so far so good.
  7. Well, i let Prime run (while i slept a bit) for 5 1/2 hours. I let [email protected] run while Prime was running to make sure CPU utilization was peaked (had to increase Prime's piority as [email protected] was being a pig). Anyway, after the 5 1/2 hours... 0 errors and 0 warnings! I'd like to think that this is a good indication that I've licked it. Time will tell as always.
  8. well, the changes never "hurt" anything so far as I obviously rebooted, so that is a good sign. I also decided to make a change in Genie BIOS... my AGP was set to AUTO... but I decided to set that to 66Mhz just so that I know that it is set correctly. Also while I was there, I was reminded that all my voltages are set to AUTO/DEFAULT... which results in the voltages I mentioned above. I'd like to see that adjusting T(RAS) is my fix... but time will certainly determine that. I'm going to try out that 3D MMORPG just to see what happens... maybe I can inspire some instability. You know, the more I think about it... other than that one major "in operation" lockup... most instability seems to be present when I bring the system out of "screen saver mode"... hmmm...
  9. I've checked Angry's sticky and found references to PRIME95 and MEMTEST86. But before I run out and load up the diags, I am going to try the following changes based on screenies @ the house of Angry: System EXPERT CPU Interface AGRESSIVE Memory Timing EXPERT T(RAS) 11 and another thing i noticed... CPU Thermal Throttling DISABLED (currently set to 50%; but running [email protected] I'm sure it never kicks in anyway)
  10. here are some more details that may help in pinpointing my issue. BIOS Memory Settings: ----------------------------- System Optimal (the only editable memory option) CPU Interface Optimal Memory Timing Optimal T(RAS) 7 T(RCD-Read) 3 T(RCD-Write) 3 T(RP) 3 CAS Latency 2.5 T(RC) 3 T(RFC) 3 T(DOE) AUTO T(RRD) AUTO T(W2P) AUTO T(W2R) AUTO T(REXT) AUTO T(R2P) AUTO T(R2W) AUTO SuperByPass AUTO Sync Mode Mem Bypass AUTO Data Scavenge Rate FAST Command Per Clock ENABLED From Winbond HW Doctor ---------------------------------- Sys Temp 35C CPU Temp 49C (100% CPU utilization, [email protected]) Vcore 1.65V Vagp 1.5V V+3.3 3.28V V+5 5.08V V+12 12.06V Vdimm 2.65V V5vsb 5.04V Vbatt 3.15V
  11. My LPB has been very good to me since I upgraded to it.. and while purchasing new components to add to my upgrades spare parts to build a system for my wife... the sales dude told me that their Infineon RAM was the same price whether I bought 2700 or 3200... so I figure Cool! Upgrade for me! Now I was previously running smoothly running at stock speeds (333Mhz FSB) on my Barton 2500 with my Infineon 2700's set to "By SPD". I pull my RAM out, slap in the new ones, boot her up, notice that the RAM was stated to be running at 400Mhz... so I launched into the BIOS and switched to the 1:1 ratio to run the RAM @ 333Mhz. Things seemed just fine for the first week, but I have been experiencing some instability problems. The worst was when the PC locked during playing a 3D MMORPG, and when I rebooted the system stopped with LED 2 and 4 lit (RAM Frequency issue). I pulled out he RAM, reseated it, and booted again no problem. The instability is still there though, so my questions to the forum are: [*]What programs do you use to test your RAM?[*]For those that use Hynix based memory, what other changes (other than 1:1 ratio) should I try? [/list=1] I have never set my own memory timings, so maybe some links to good reference sites would also be a good idea. Thanks in advance!
  12. curious as to whether people that were having SATA/RAID issues using the SW-IDE have found that the 5.10 unifieds work properly.
  13. my issue where ... nVMixer kept defaulting back to Microphone when I opened it... bringing back the silence... and selecting "Microphone 2" in the nVMixer is "ignored". ... was totally solved by the nVidia 5.10 driver pack