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Well, that was fun.......


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But very satisfying!


After getting my board, OS, drivers, etc. at a very stable and tuned state, I spent about six hours last night; doing a complete MS Back-Up, downloaded and installed Acronis True Image 8.0.

Made a couple of images, made recovery diskette sets, and I am feeling prety safe and secure this fine day! :D


I did disc clean-up, defrag, and complete drive tests first, so I've got an A-1 back-up of my boot and system partition ready to go, just in case I dork things with my continued OCing.


Dayam Satisfying, well worth the effort to feel this secure!


Oldfaht :cool:

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A better handle for me would be Da Procrastinator, :nod:


I was way overdue getting things tightened up in that respect.


The "What If's" were really starting to bug me, hehehe.


And, as usual, I feel much better geting what is "supposed" to be done, accomplished!


You'd think someone of my age would know better.



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:confused: no no no; never spend money on software for safety and security. ALWAYS spend on mOe HSF, memories, cpus new video cards and the like. Security is for sissies and those with time to do again what should be done in the first place.


And always and for sure make a folder to put your images in but then leave the folder empty. The folder marked images is just as safe feeling as actually putting an image in it as I can assure you.















Until you need it. Hehehehehee. Me ole bud elts_drac knowz me had such a folder.




More hardware. Deeyam the torpedoes full speed ahead. Nearly sincerely, RGone...1ster>:shake: Looking fur an empT folduh.

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